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The Last Ronin was a neat comic so it would be cool to see it turned into an animated series. That was not great though. Looks like they scanned an avocado for the skin texture.

I Worked Out for 700 Days, Here's How it Changed Me

Times Michael Jordan HUMILIATED His Opponents.

Honest Trailers | Hulk vs. Thor

Bad Lip Reading - Axe Assassin Albertson (Hamilton)

America's Most Confusing Fare System... In Song

I'm a handful of months away from turning 50, and today was the first time I ever saw the intro to Captain N the Gamemaster.

farley3k wrote:

America's Most Confusing Fare System... In Song

Wow. Compare to Seattle. Walk on bus, tap card to terminal. Walk away when it goes boop.
Paying cash? 1 fare and get a transfer ticket thats good for 2 hours.

A sultry tango set to Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'
*far, far more impressed than I expected to be after watching this

I barely have the framework to even understand what's going on, I just have to assume this dude is some kind of dark wizard.

1. circular breathing
2. WHILE throat-singing (the mic in his choker)
3. creating multiple rhythms with the sax pads, just unbelievable hand strength
4. creating ghostly harmonics later.... somehow? I have no idea

This is the kind of thing where it's like, not a thing I really want to just sit down and "listen" to as "music", but I can't stop going back to it and realizing more details of what the hell he is accomplishing with just his body and a bass saxophone.

Every detail I realize makes it seem more and more friggin' impossible.

Mark Hamill works the Jack in the Box drive thru

How the US Postal Service reads terrible handwriting

Ms. Marvel Pitch Meeting

farley3k wrote:

Times Michael Jordan HUMILIATED His Opponents.

I did not realize what an asshole Jordan was.