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Higgledy wrote:

My wife and I have been watching Star Trek Discovery lately. Michelle Yeoh owns every scene she is in, particularly starting in the second part of the first season when the nature of her role changes.

The Wiggles & Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) perform 'Elephant' | OFFICIAL LIVE ON TOUR
*my kids loved the Wiggles when they were 3-5 - damm like 10 years ago! Glad the Wiggles are still going strong (although the members are mostly different)

Honest Game Trailers | Kirby and the Forgotten Land
*quite funny

This exact sketch has been running in my head for years every time I have the misfortune of hearing the Black Eyed Peas! I pictured them in the studio with the producers trying to get a song out from them exactly like this. I've gone on rants at parties about this many times! Only thing this is missing is to have one of them offer up "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday" when asked to get deeper into the lyrics.

I prefer the classics:

Me, who has only seen the thumbnail: wow, that's some harsh sarcasm, Wired; ease off on the poor girl.


Me, who has watched the video: wow, so glad she's not my roommate.

Honest Game Trailers | Horizon Forbidden West


Forgot about this gem

Honest Game Trailers | Sekiro

Honest Trailers | Moonfall

The Wiggles - Over 18's - Melbourne 09/09/16 - Hot Potato!

One of the YouTubers I enjoy is Patrick H Willems, who recently released this video;

which made me stop his video and see what he was talking about.
Now I can't stop watching this video. I'm ensorcelled...

Clerks 1994 - In Color


Took me a minute to remember the movie was in black & white.

Honest Trailers | Uncharted

I didn't realize Strongbad (technically Homestarrunner) was still producing videos. Little bit of internet nostalgia.

This Rally At The 2017 World Table Tennis Championship Might Be The Most Intense Round Of Table Tennis Ever Played

farley3k wrote:

[Something something] Round [something something]

I saw what you did there.

Can't embed videos from Reddit but it is kind of cool

Unearthed footage of Sylvester Stallone/Carl Weathers Choreography for Rocky in 1976

Honest Trailers | Moon Knight