Post a video, entertain me!

Grenn wrote:

Every once in a while, the algorithm proves its worth and spits out a gem. It's older, and has some NSFW language, but it's also amazing.

Ok that was perfect.

Girlfriend Reviews always delivers.

I didn't know I needed New Zealand Today in my life...

1. The Earth is a obviously a cube as it is the one pure shape.
2. This is proven as all food can be mapped to the cube.
3. This makes wombats the one only holy animal.
4. I would give you the bible versus that back up my science but you should do your own research.
5. For a simple donation of $29.99 I can send you a coffee filter that will protect you from 5G.

The world is sh*t for us good people, but at least it's September!

Hey, Listen! It's an animated video based on a video game that isn't super loud and shout-y.

This isn't really entertaining, or is it?

It’s the best attempt I’ve seen so far but TBH real physics applies too many restrictions on a game like RL

pandasuit wrote:

It’s the best attempt I’ve seen so far but TBH real physics applies too many restrictions on a game like RL

maybe if they can attach high torque drone style fans they could create some interesting aerial moves.

Do Chairs Exist?

farley3k wrote:

Do Chairs Exist?

That depends on if space is limited.

Reminds me of an old joke/possibly real story. A philosophy professor once made his class final exam only one question. He showed them all a 3 legged stool and said, "Using any philosophical doctrine you can, you have two hours to prove to me this stool does not exist." The class began writing furiously. After only one minute though, one student got up, handed in their paper, and then walked out with their stuff. Burning with curiosity, the professor opened the blue book to see what they had written. On the first page, under the student's name, were only two words. "What stool?"


By an odd coincidence the video reminded me of a joke as well. Two college administrators are chatting. One says: "If only every department was as cheap to run as the math department. All they ever ask for is paper, pencils, and erasers!" The second administrator replies: "Aha, but the philosophy department is even cheaper. All they ask for is paper and pencils!"

Show Me STAR WARS, without Showing Me STAR WARS
*far better than I expected. Well worth watching