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For some reason, YouTube has been promoting the crap out of DUST in my feed. It's spotty, but when it's good, it's pretty good.

I describe it to friends as "low budget Black Mirror." It's main problem is that there is really only one Charlie Brooker.

That said, Floaters, the one that Mantid shared, is rather amusing.

Spoiler: NSFW


The tactical drops got me.


slazev wrote:

That's a fair assessment of their 2x Spicy Noodles. Eating food is not supposed to hurt.

slazev wrote:

The tactical drops got me.


This warms my heart.

Apparently, Animorphs is way edgier than I thought it was based off of a trailer I saw for the series decades ago.

"No one else was in the room where it happened..."

I know some of this is old but I never saw the conclusion of the commercial series lol

Nightly News According to Kids

My neighborhood started a “Dads and Dudes Big Wheel Ride” last week. This was my debut as a hardcore 1%er.

Wow the new Switch Pro is huge!

I posted this in the songs thread, but the video is pretty dope too.

I might actually watch that if they subtitled it.

Pretty neat ad for a Japanese sports drink:

But what's really cool is how most of the effects are practical:

It’s a journey. Maybe be don’t watch it if you are waiting for a zoom meeting to start.

I remember when that letter appeared on Letters of Note. The link has a little more context for anyone who is interested and/or wants to get punched in the gut again.

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