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(not my house)

By doing this, they are severely limiting the people that will come over to their house and ensuring that the ones that do will never leave.

That guy is my hero. I would absolutely do that if my wife would ever let me get away with it.

Spock's surprise visit to The Carol Burnett Show

Just saw this gem today, and I was cracking up.

BRB, gonna start a petition to require all cranes to be painted like dinos and have googly eyes:

Okay, band geeks, here’s your deep dive into the unique and theatrical arrangement and performance of the national anthem at this week’s inauguration.

Less shoveling this year tho because I don't have to drive to work anymore....

When my dad was in the Navy, he worked in one of these on Guam during Vietnam.

This is a clip from Twitter, but holy hell this woman deserves a medal!

Of course, she shouldn't even have to be put in the position to do this to begin with, but that's another conversation.

Wow, that was AMAZING.

NSMike wrote:

When my dad was in the Navy, he worked in one of these on Guam during Vietnam.

Those elephant cages (wullenweber) featured in a book I read last year, Red November by Craig Reed.

Ahsoka Fight Scene Synced to Barracuda (Music Edit)

Honest Trailers | Street Fighter

This launched today. Video's a bit cheezy but I loooove what he's done with the piece.

Life goals right here!

For fifty days straight this guy made videos performing songs with different horns wearing different hats. He called it "Horn a Day / Hat a Day" and it gets increasingly bizarre. Definitely worth diving into!


Beat Saber in Minecraft? I can't imagine the hours of work it would take to make this. According to the video description this map is playable in vanilla Minecraft.

For Black History Month, everybody needs to binge The Amber Ruffin show. It’s on Peacock TV, NBC’s free streaming service. For starters, she is funny as hell, and one of the best comedy writers for TV. But more importantly, she regularly does infotainment segments like this:

Watch The Amber Ruffin show, people!

Honest Trailers | The Mandalorian Season 2

Had me laughing hysterically.

That was hilarious