Post a video, entertain me!

We we're driving around looking at Xmas decorations and I noticed this Santa twerking. I had to take a quick video of it to share.

Speaking of dodgy dancing (in the best way) I just rediscovered this gem.

My favorite metal YouTuber:

Ah, Cleveland...

I find anything painted from the ultra-black category of color interesting, so I thought I would share probably the biggest thing I've seen so far:

I bet it would get dangerously hot in the summer...

(paint video)

car looks like is was rendered, not painted

Honest Trailers | 2020 (feat. Patton Oswalt)

Honest Trailers | Tenet


maverickz wrote:

Eight years ago we were horrified to learn that Boston Dynamics was building a robot that could run 30 mph and chase us all down.

Now we know their robots will be fully capable of dancing on our graves when they inevitably betray us.

Also, beware of Caroline.

Aw, Slingerhausered. I saw that video and larfed my arse off.

So... a bunch of Kiwi buddies got together and made a shot-for-shot remake of the prequel trilogy...

If you value your sanity, don't watch the whole thing, but... there are some funny moments.


2001: a space odyssey in 2020 - Movies with Mikey

BadKen wrote:


That’s so funny. I love it when you can see exactly what an animal is thinking.

Honest Trailers | The Shawshank Redemption

I will just leave this here...

Nimcosi wrote:

I will just leave this here...

Nandi was doing drums on the final song of the Bowie Celebration concert this weekend and I was doing the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing thing.


Honest Trailers | Wonder Woman 1984

I also noticed this one from 5 months ago but I don't remember seeing it here.

Honest Trailers | Avatar: The Last Airbender

The art is kind of hokey in that one, but wow, the animation is first-rate. And it's high framerate, which would have made it much more labor-intensive.

Someone put a lot of work into that video.