Post a video, entertain me!

I want to see the out takes of the dancers prepping for this.

I'm getting dizzy just watching them!

Thanksgiving tradition

Honest Trailers | Toy Story 4

Honest Trailers | Starship Troopers (ft Casper Van Dien)

Honest Trailers | The Fifth Element

Oof. Ooooooooof. But yeah, that’s a pretty accurate summary of our current position.

NSFW for language, but I thought this was hilarious...

And that PSA was shot for Jimmy Kimmel Live before even China knew anything about COVID-19.

The Unauthorized Biography of Mario - Movies with Mikey

Old Conan was so good.

This is hilarious. At about 1:22 the baby fox starts trying to check out the cats, but the cats nope out of there repeatedly. (Jump to 1 minute if the video doesn't land there automatically)

I think someone posted one of the videos from this channel upthread, but this one is pretty different, in a good way.

Thanks I hate it.

The older I get the less I like The Police, and just.... f*ck that song whichever way you slice it.


There's something incredibly unsettling about these noises.

NSMike wrote:

There's something incredibly unsettling about these noises.

Sounds like some kind of extraterrestrial symphony...

It's a commercial but it is a good one:

Satan is played by Ryan Reynolds.