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That said, I can't wait to see what they do with this in the parks.

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"You used to be beautiful. When this place started, I opened one of you up once. A million little perfect pieces. And then they changed you. Made you this sad, real mess. Flesh and bone, just like us. They said it would improve the park experience. But you know why they really did it? It was cheaper. Your humanity is cost-effective. So is your suffering."
— The Man in Black

2020 in eight seconds:

Can't embed Vimeo but this was a pretty incredible edit of footage

Here's An Ingenious Edit Of A 'West Wing' Episode Performed 18 Years Apart

West Wing Episode "Hartsfield's Landing" 2005 Original and 2020 Stage Production Mixed Together from Dave Blair Camera & Editing on Vimeo.

How Strong is Paper? 1500 Sheets of Paper Vs. 150 Ton Hydraulic Press

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Waling building.

I read that as "wailing building" and got something completely different...

Fixed. That would be hilariously freaky and right for the season.

Honest Trailers | National Treasure

Sniper Elite 4 is now on Stadia!

As many pictures as I have of my 2 kids already, Google Photos should just do an auto video like that for me in a few years hehe.

I'm pretty weak on music theory, but this was still super fascinating and also dives into some of the cultural stuff around bossa nova.

Oh I luuurve that video. So fascinating. I never thought I’d watch a half hour detailed deconstruction of bossa nova. And it just showed up randomly in my home page. That guy has a whole lot of fascinating videos.

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Honestly I’d rather watch Bo sing it.

I agree.

Mystery game...

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You're in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down...

What one?

Holy carp that voice!

They sound like a much larger band. I think her guitar work might be even better than her voice.

That's pretty good. Ann Wilson is amazing and in particular with Barracuda is a very high bar for comparison, but Moriah does a creditable job with this song.

Here's another with her covering Heart.

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They sound like a much larger band. I think her guitar work might be even better than her voice.

There is some layering in the video, for example you can hear the rhythm guitar continue when she solos. There’s a bass hiding in there too. Her vocals are 100% her, though—you can tell by the subtle pitch slides and vocal rhythm.

The drummer is no slouch either. That is a complex drum part.

This could have gone a few places, but since the video is pretty non-political despite the topic I'll place it here.

Well if you can't do D&D you can still have an adventure.

Video of a gator / dinosaur in Florida, on twitter

Some people skate for years and never land a kickflip!

NSFW language! Samuel L. Jackson with a reading.