Post a video, entertain me!

I'm assuming a few people here will know who Edith Piaf is

Reminds me of this classic:

WindowsXP is back!!!

(Watch this video full screen on huge monitor.)

Scientist Explains What Water in Kilauea's Volcanic Crater Means

This one makes me happy every time:

The Egg was surprising. Kurzkesagt has always released highly rational and science based reviews of concepts like How a Dyson Sphere might actually be constructed and how Loneliness works, why it sucks. The videos are beautiful and very well written to introduce tough or broad concepts.

It doesnt say right off the jump that it's an animated short story penned by Andy Weir, so I got more than halfway through just trying to figure out when they'd say 'all this afterlife mumbo jumbo is just nonsense, your atoms will rejoin the soil of the Earth and that's that.'

That said it was enjoyable as a bit of fiction, as good as any other mythology.

Tamren wrote:

I dub this the new Steamed Hams.

Are Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly?

FoxSearchlight Perfectly Deploys The ‘Downfall’ Meme To Promote Taika Waititi’s New Hitler Comedy ‘JoJo Rabbit’

OMG that is the best piece of marketing I have seen in a long time.

"Get me whoever directed Thor:Ragnarok."

Honest Trailers | Aladdin (2019)

"Parrots just don't understand."

I'm vaguely interested in seeing this now.

I don't even know why I click on these ....they always freak me out by the end.

The 10 Scariest It Chapter 2 Moments Ranked

You can choose if you want to be fooled by this trick or not.

The Corridor Crew continues to excel. This time they take on Bollywood. OH yeah. The intro alone is worth watching.

Rykin wrote:

That was amazing. Also, I am exactly the demographic to enjoy that

No idea what talk show that is. Dont recognize either potato face host (Im assuming its a host and addon like Conan+Andy)

How the hell does he make those guitar sounds??!

LeapingGnome wrote:

How the hell does he make those guitar sounds??!

His mouth? Also the effects pedal on the floor.

LeapingGnome wrote:

How the hell does he make those guitar sounds??!

People who can do this well always impress me:

Michael Winslow is a human sound machine.