Post a video, entertain me!

45min on people named Bob in sports. Really.

Why You Need to Try a High-Tech Japanese Toilet

Flowers and Butterflies | Baymax and Mochi

farley3k wrote:

Flowers and Butterflies | Baymax and Mochi

A video to show people who think metal is trash music:

I thought it was going to be this one

Glad I didn't spend any money on that one.

Honest Trailers | The Mummy (1999)

Obiwan versus Vader done in with the fighting style of the later films:

Stealthpizza wrote:

Teamwork is key in this event. Will we see a good match?

Why am I still watching these?! Why do I have favorite teams? Why is this so compelling?

Epilepsy warning for certain bits.

First there was the Singing Samoyed video...


Ah nostalgia.

Burnt Grave Robber here.

Honest Trailer - Speed

How Long Can Humans Outrun Extinction?

All Life is Suffering

Quick Draw - Red Dead Logic

55 Greatest James Bond One-Liners

Lou Rawls sings about why you should take your blood pressure medication (1970s)