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Another tip is to never just open your door. Open it a crack first and wait around 5 seconds. This gives any motorist or cyclist a chance to see your intention so even if you don't see them, they have a chance to avoid the danger. But always look too

Spoilers. But, uh, funny ones....

Language warning:

Why Berlin's 15 Year-Old Airport has Never Had a Flight

Ow, My Balls!

"The Dow of Master Ken" ... so not only is this guy a floor-fu master, he is also a stock market genius!

Teamwork is key in this event. Will we see a good match?

I think I have a new YouTube channel to subscribe too. Thanks Karmajay

Oh, Japan, you so wacky.

This Lip Sync Rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody Will Leave You Speechless
*(Ron Howard voice) it didn't (but it was still fun to watch)

Architect’s Micro Studio Apartment

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Architect’s Micro Studio Apartment

Not sure how people do this. I am about to go crazy living in a 500 something square foot apartment. Though if I could redo it like he did it could be much better.

A month ago the drama club at North Bergen High School in New Jersey put on play. It wasn't A Midnight Summer's Dream or Our Town. It was Alien.

Alien complete with spacesuits, facehuggers, chest bursters, a fully-articulated xenomorph terrorizing the stage and stalking the audience, a decapitated Ash, a functioning airlock, and so much more. All the costumes and sets were put together out of recycled materials and the play's entire budget was just $3,500.

The play had two showing and then the school ran out of money. But pictures and video snippets of the play got out on social media and quickly came to the attention of Alien fans. Ridley Scott himself sent a congratulatory letter to the drama club and ponied up $5,000 so they could put on an encore production. (He also suggested they do Gladiators next year.)

Sigourney Weaver also surprised the cast and crew by showing up and watching the encore production.

Today we have a twofer. MI is one of my favorite franchises, and this dual deep dive helps explain what kept it going for 22 years.

The Greatest Deleted Scenes Ever Filmed

Marvel Phase 4 Pitch Meeting

If this is the kind of thing people are going to make maybe they should have called it Nightmares instead of Dreams:

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If this is the kind of thing people are going to make maybe they should have called it Nightmares instead of Dreams:

I want my nine minutes back.

Why Doesn't the U.S. Use the Metric System?

Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk