Post a video, entertain me!

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farley3k wrote:

Four lives is a suitable price for the best goddamned Christmas movie of all time!

And, speaking of Christmas, won't somebody think about the rich people?

Such translation. Very questionable. So confused. Wow.

farley3k wrote:

Ha! Reminded me of this:

ETA: And apparently he's still making these:


This was in the suggestions at the end of beans.


Also this, because it's made out of cookies. (NSFW language)

WipEout wrote:

I am CRYING I am laughing so hard.

A bit of salty language in the last one so probably don't watch at work.

Happy holidays everyone.

ruhk wrote:

Happy holidays everyone.

Quite possibly their best one this season!!

Every Christmas carol should get this treatment!

NSFW words

Nice mash-up:

The Engineers Guide to Cats V2.0

OK, I hate cats, but one of those was dressed up as Cammy from Street Fighter, and I'm on board with that.

If you try to dress a cat like any character, they're likely to kick you like Chun Li.

sometimesdee wrote:

Every Christmas carol should get this treatment!

Just fantastic. I couldn't agree more that all Christmas music should be done by them.