Post a video, entertain me!

This is the most adorable freaking video I've ever seen.

It's a great video, but I think it might be a boy judging by the voice.

Ghostship wrote:

I call shenanigans.

Also though this was funny.

Paraphernalia - "When young Atari Withers gets annoyed with the little robot that follows him everywhere, he tries to leave it, sell it and smash it up... But this robot is more than just a toy."

We all know the Shake Weight, but have you seen the Tug Toner? (NSFW)

(OMG, I'm *crying*!)

Probably not safe for small children to watch. But, very hilarious, so you should let them watch.

Trachalio wrote:

Best/worst howl evar?


Do not watch this if you have issues with height or vertigo, personally I think it'd be fun.

One of my favorite deadmau5 songs, for the way it plays with reverberation, harmonics, noise and tempo.

The original, for reference:

krev82 wrote:

Do not watch this if you have issues with height or vertigo, personally I think it'd be fun.

I do have issues with height.

Hey bandit, if you don't climb the tower the world will end...

Well, the world would just have to end. My hands started shaking just watching that.

The only way you could get me to climb that thing was if there was a bag with a million dollars waiting for me at the top and I had a parachute strapped to my back.


Lets be thankful for a moment.

That is wonderful, Dave.

Nice, Edwin. I'll raise you some NSFW FF Rap.

Haha, I laughed so hard at mega-chess-a-tron.

That made my morning.

The tune isn't bad.

ukickmydog wrote:

Smeagol can really drop the Bass.

1Dgaf wrote:

The tune isn't bad.

But it isn't that good either.

I saw this from a friend on Facebook and thought to share this. I think to some it might be a little dark so maybe you want to watch with no kids around. There is no cursing or anything just strong violence.

Yup! That was a student project. Pretty rad! The art director, Bo Mathorne, went on to intern at Double Fine for a while, but I think he went back to school afterwards. I love the Backwater Gospel!

Mantid wrote: