sometimesdee - Choose Your Tag


I saw it in the Minecraft thread:

Obvious Tags:


However, I think the clear winner is from this exchange from the Post a Picture thread.

Tingling in my T.A.R.D.I.S.

Let the sometimes roll!
The dee after Whensdee.

Carrying a Tennant
Artful Dodger

Congrats! And because I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan:


wait for it, lightful. Deelightful.
always deelightful.
puts the newsies to shame (with all of the post a news story, entertain me posts)

That's all I've got. Congratulations SometimesDee.


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
in ur tardis, apologizin'


(sometimesdee) fall kills you or you fly
(sometimesdee) smallest things take up the most room in your heart
When Two Worlds Collide, Anything Can Happen...
Hello Sweetie
Let's go and poke it with a stick.

What? I thought you already were tagged.

Kind of like those actors that die and you think "i thought he was already dead."
ok, nothing like that.

so with that..

I thought I was already tagged.

but always why

Based upon her great contributions to the Post a News Story thread:

Funny News Guru

bear gets you


A, E, I, O, U and

Brought to you by the letter

Intermittently Tenacious

(and congrats!)


I'm just here to say congrats!

** edit - feel free to capitalize as you see fit **

who needs spaces?
bigger on the inside
smaller on the outside
the doctor's wife

Resident newscaster
Always news
Sees everything, knows everything

Always awesome!


I can't top "sometimesnot" or "Always awesome!" yet, but if I come up with anything interesting I'll bring it here.



Thanks, guys! I just popped on to say that due to the Absurd Baby of Unusual Size arriving yesterday, I won't be around as much as usual. Please don't turn me into a Fairy Princess just yet!


ABUS's? I don't think they exist.


Congrats! And congrats! And:

Always Classy

That's all I got.

squeeeeeeeee they do exist!

I stick with "Always Awesome!"

Congratulations! (on and grats on the tagging thing too)

Knows the secrets of the fire swamp.

Congrats! And Congrats!

I personally think you would make an awesome Fairy Princess, but we'll hold on.

And he's gorgeous. Look at all that hair! Welcome, Little Awesome!

Congratulations on both counts Dee! It seemed a little crazy that this thread showed up yesterday of all days!