Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Catch-All

Thanks for the info @Stengah AND WOW WOW.. this game, Dragon's Dogma surer is a very good game.

I just saw some "credits" and I need advice


Just defeated Daimon what a good fight and what nice boss. So there I am, right outside BBI again. I now have 20 wakestones. I ventured a little into BBI again and noticed on the 1st chamber that tougher mobs are not roaming. So I assume the entire thing is more difficult now right?

What should I do next? Do the 20 wakestone quests? I am level 79 now!!!

You should go all the way through BBI again to get the final boss. It will be harder, with strong enemies being more common. Then you can finish off the wakestone quest. There's only about 10-20 minutes left of the game after that.

OK... how much tougher will the final boss be?

I assume I have to go through all of it again right?
The mid bosses etc?

It will take a while. But I do want to see this ending.
The NG+ is not on my TO DO list for now, but seeing that purple marker makes me feel i still got stuff to do and i do want to see what happens so here i go. FF16 will have to wait a little longer

They won't be improved versions of the ones you fought the first time, like how post-dragon was with the road between Cassardis and Gran Soren. The mid bosses will be exactly the same, it's just the monsters in the rest of BBI will be different groups of generally stronger monsters. Monsters that you only encountered deep into BBI will become more common in early levels, and the easier monsters will become much less common.

The final boss is a lot tougher, though. I typically lose all my pawns fairly early to one of his attacks that I can't interrupt in time (it sends them straight back to the rift, no reviving possible). Then I have to slowly whittle him down while using the geography of the throne room to block most of his attacks, all while making sure I have the stat-boosting items constantly running or my attacks may as well be harsh language for the all the good they do to his health bar.

Yeah I remembered cheesing that boss. There's some strategy of using all the attack buff items followed by explosive arrows with multi shot. Does absurd damage but is expensive.

Yikes... im scared now!
I wonder how hard will it be and if it is actually worth it or just go finish the game.
I really enjoyed it so far.

What level do you recommend I should be for that fight?

It's a hard fight even at max level, but it's more about knowing how to use you vocation's skills and positioning yourself so you can hit him but he can't hit you, at least with most of his attacks. Some of them you'll just have to move to avoid, but once its done you can return to your safe spot.

I've done it with magic archer once and mystic knight several times. The mystic knight's great cannon is what I used the most. I'd throw down two of them and position myself so the bolts would seek him out while I stayed safe behind a broken pillar. It required using strength and magic boosting items though, the bolts were too weak otherwise.

oh My!!! It seems i will have a VERY VERY VERY hard time. I am a ranger and it seems I will loose my pawns. My shots don't do much damage. So I guess this sounds difficult.


To be honest, Magick Archer is probably the highest damage vocation. Other vocations could probably edge it out, but only with specific endgame builds and playstyle. Sixfold Bolt is overpowered and Ricochet will melt 90% of BBI.

Ricochet is very op in enclosed areas, but pretty useless in larger rooms and open areas.

I greatly preferred mystic knight though. The great cannons + ruinous sigil combo kills enemies as fast as ricochet but is usable everywhere. It does take longer to set up compared to ricochet though.

I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions guys. Last night I made a decision. I pondered my time availability, my backlog, desire to play F16 and enjoyment of this game (Dragon's Dogma 1).

Friday and Saturday I was venturing in BBI on the second run, AND BOY O BOY, how hard of a time I was having to kill the stronger enemies myself. I had to rely on my Sorcerer Pawn, and Grenn's amazing Roca pawn to get things done. Maybe I am just bad at the game OR I don't know how to properly play the ranger vocation?

Then I started evaluating my options. Perhaps I did the wrong thing, or not but this is what i did.
I got to level 86 both myself and my main pawn. Did the 20 waekstone quest and FINISHED THE GAME. The ending was not as strong or impactful as I expected, but the journey and enjoyment of the game made up for it.

AT 1st, the idea of playing NG+ was absolutely out of the question. Now I am strongly considering it.
I want to start FF16 and try to gradually level one of the vocations you guys mention and just see the last boss in BBI. I really really liked this game, but I was alto itching to start FF16 and maybe I made a mistake and leveling Magic Archer would have been fast, but I took that choice and as we all know we can go back.

I WAS AMAZED at how much I liked this game and I have the intention to see the last boss but on another vocation and on a more relaxed time. I pushed 125 hours on this game. WOW.


Not doing NG+ or the second run-through of BBI is fine. You don't really miss anything storywise, it's just neat fights and the best equipment, but if you're not going to play a bunch more, you don't need the equipment anyways.

It might be that problem you were having could be caused by the order you were doing things in. I accidentally rushed through the post-dragon stuff and never even started BBI in my first game because I didn't realize there was no going back after handing in the 20 wakestones. I went through the NG+ up until post dragon, then farmed the Everfall and the post-dragon enemies on the road from Cassardis to Gran Soren a bit, but what really helped boost my power was the NG+ riftstone that let's you fight the Ur-Dragon. The offline mode version was tough to kill in one session at first, but even when it was taking two sessions to kill it, it was giving me 20 wakestones, a bunch of dragon part materials, and a really, really good sword/daggers/staff for each kill, plus it was a good way to dragonforge weapons and armor. Selling the duplicate weapons and all the extra wakestones permanently solved my money issues. So by the time I even started BBI, I had really good gear, so the fights were challenging but not overly so, and dying wasn't an issue because I had hundreds of wakestones. I never went to BBI as a ranger, so I can't say how well the vocation performs there, but magic archer is really good there, so they will likely make some fights less difficult.

Ohhh I see. I will give it a shot!
How do I get to this dragon? I did some research and there is an online and an offline mode. You talk about 2 sessions? How does that work?

Could I try and farm this dragon and gear myself up and then attempt bbi for the last boss?
I might try Magic Archer!

The riftstone is in the secluded cove on the beach in Cassardis. Definitely do offline mode first, both to learn the fight and because as it's hard to tell if you've even done any damage in online mode.

Basically it's a big undead dragon amd instead of one heart in its chest it has a bunch all over it's body, and each part they're in decays as you damage and destroy them. Once a section's heart is dead, it drops loot underneath the dragon, but it decays very fast so if you want it, pick it up quickly. You get claws from destroying its claws, fangs and horns from destroying the hearts on the head. The rest all drop the same loot. Any further damage to destroyed areas is ineffective.

Each time you enter, you fight for about 15 minutes, and either you kill all the hearts by then, or he flies away. If he flies away, just leave and re-enter and pick the fight back up where you left it, he doesn't regenerate any of his health. Repeat until he's dead. Once he is dead, you'll get a short cutscene of your special loot spawning. Offline mode will give one of three weapons (a sword, a mage staff, or daggers), 20 wakestones, and a few items. You can immediately re-enter the riftstone to start the fight all over again with a fresh Ur-Dragon. If you want to try to get any of the other weapons, you have to take part in the online mode.

The tactics and difficulty of the online mode is no different than the offline mode version, but each heart has tons more health, so destroying even one heart before you run out of time is a major accomplishment. I always just did as much damage as I could to every part and didn't even try to focus on one heart. Everyone on your platform shares the same Ur-Dragon, so how fast it dies depends on how many people are fighting it. On PC a few months ago, it was going through about one Ur-Dragon a day, no idea how fast the playstation players are going through them, especially now that DD2 is out. If you manage to be the person who kills its last heart, you get a crazy amount of loot, and a 100% chance to dragonforge all your equipped gear. If his last heart is destroyed by someone else, when you next enter you'll get the loot spawning cutscene. Loot tiers are based on how much of its health you took out over all your sessions for that generation of the Ur-Dragon, so you can get good loot even if you don't kill any hearts but did a lot of damage. The lowest tier doesn't give you any weapons, just some items and wakestones, so you'll typically want to do at least several sessions to boost your ranking.

Thank you SO VERY much for your information.
Do I need to do anything in specific, or can I just go right away? I jsut defeated the Hydra and reached Gran Soren again.

I will most likely do this at a slower pace while I play FF16

Only pre-requisite is new game+. The riftstone is available as soon as you wake up after getting your heart ripped out, just stop by the inn to get your gear first. Oh, and make absolutely certain you go to load/continue from the menu, and do not choose New Game. New Game will wipe out your old save and be a completely fresh start. Going to continue your game as if you hadn't already finished is how you start New Game+.

Thank you. I got the NG+
I am going the Mystic Knight route. I made it to Gran Soren.
I will try the Ur-dragon today.

I am surprised on how much I liked this game and the fact that I am willing to go a bit further.