Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Catch-All

My pawn Red Menace is apparently getting lots of use and I haven't logged onto the game in ages. I don't even think I have it installed on my Playstation at the moment!

strangederby wrote:

Not been playing for long and already several people are hiring my pawn Zoomies. Must be a resurgence in interest.


Possibly me. I played this on the 360 originally and never played Dark Arisen, so I’ve dipped back in on PC with some light mods. Game is still fun, 4k and a reshape livens it up a bit too.

Can you share more about your mods? I’ve been thinking about trying the mod scene.

So, I bought this for the fifth time on PS4 now. Friend me up if you want a free pawn, but it will be lower level for the time being.

edit* It might help if I listed my id. You know, like a not-idiot. grenn147

chooka1 wrote:

Can you share more about your mods? I’ve been thinking about trying the mod scene.

Really just a reshade and mod that makes the light sources like torches not have that massive bloom that kills the scenes visibility. That and 4k res was a pretty significant difference. Found them both on Nexus Mods, but Im away from my PC for the week and can’t recall exact names. Go to Nexus and sort most downloaded you will find them.


I got to a PC and logged into Nexus, the 3 I mentioned are:

- Easy clothing inventory ID
- Don't Blind Me
- Resonant ENB

ToxicWaltz wrote:

I got to a PC and logged into Nexus, the 3 I mentioned are:

- Easy clothing inventory ID
- Don't Blind Me
- Resonant ENB

On a whim I installed a few mods this morning. wicketfulENB, Don't Blind Me, Cleaner Female Body Texture (V2.5 Non Nude)

Night and f*cking Day.
I was fighting bandits and for the first time ever I was clearly able to see that they had nocked 3 arrows for a special attack. Wandering through the night I was able to see past a torch!

I don't know if this was always there, but for the first time I saw boob physics.

... Now I'm looking at some texture overhauls for the scenery.


The dialogue sounds awful. The plot is probably bonkers. And I swear I already see jankiness.

It's perfect.

Wouldn't mind a release date or even a window but knowing it is on the way is good.

I enjoyed the first DD, might have a replay actually as it was over 7 years ago I played it.

I played the first way back on the PS3 and absolutely loved it. I have tried a few times to play Dark Arisen on PC more recently but keep getting distracted by other games. Definitely looking forward to a new game though, will almost certainly be a day 1 purchase.



Learned a bit of interesting details about the game from this. Like they are using the RE engine.

Can not wait!

So excited!

Saw action in this thread and thought I just hadn't read it in a while. Then saw news on Twitter and thought oooh.


DD has the most fun combat of any game I've played!

Ayyyyy, we got new gameplay footage of DDog 2 from TGS today!

Putting my impressions behind a spoiler tag in case folks want to go in completely blind:


- We now have 4 starting vocations. Fighter & Mage are back, but Strider's been split between Thief & Archer. Hopefully the split means that the weapon specializations get some more specific perks, and it probably means we'll have a wider palette of Advanced Vocations by way of more options to mix & match.

- More environmental interactions, or so we've been shown. The shot of the explosive barrel blowing up a stone dam looked sick as heck, but it reminded me of Monster Hunter World in that there are spots like that in the world you can use, but they're in very specific locations. Using a ogre/cyclops to cross a ravine did look pretty sweet, though.

- 2 nations this time beyond the reach of Gransys: Vermund (humans) & Battahl (beastren!). The implication seems to be that you'll get to start in one or the other, but I'm curious to see how long it'll be before you can go between the two.

- The real meat & highlights of the showcase for me coming up next: Oxcarts (fast travel!!!)! Serves as fast-travel between major locations, which you can either organically sit through the whole ride (delicious, just for the sickos, eagerly awaiting the ASMR/sleep aid youtube vids titled "8 Hours of Cross-Country Oxcart Travel in Dragon's Dogma 2") or close your eyes to fast-travel. Ambushes by monsters seem possible, so there's still that touch of risk, that delicious sense of The Expedition that smells of DDog to me. And speaking of The Sense of The Expedition:

- Camping Kits!!! You can now use expendable Camping Kits at campsites while out & about to pass the time/end the terrors of night & heal up. I've been raving about how this game feels like a good camping trip in the JRPG Club and they go and put a doggone Camping Kit in there. Fantastic~

- Lastly, an advanced vocations preview. Returning is the Magick Archer, but new to 2 is the Mystic Spearhand, which, as far as I can tell, looks like the Mystic Knight, but more dextrous, and with a cool spear. And you know what? I love dragoons, sign me up.

tl;dr: Looks great! Tasty & interesting gameplay additions/tweaks, and QoL additions that have got me hooping & hollering. Very excited for this on the horizon!

Loved how the mage was casually levitating in combat.

It looks incredible. This is near the top of my anticipation list.

Just fly me to release day!


Speaking of which: The release date may have leaked (March 2nd 2024.)

That date has now also appeared on the steam page for the game so hopefully it is accurate.


Live - Dragon's Dogma 2 2023 Showcase /w Cowboy

The showcase was very good. I already wanted it to be March on account of how challenging November, December, January, and February are looking personally, professionally, and artistically lol. At least now there's a nice treat for getting through everything that needs going through.

Just FYI can get 18% off on Green Man Gaming. Or 20% off using the extra 3% November coupon if you have access to generating that.

Hours later and I remain floored by this trailer.