Does anyone know unity? RE recreating tabletop miniatures gaming.

I'm curious about getting two users together in a what amounts to a game engine; except I would like the users to be able to modify the environment, instead of look at each other's avatars.

Imagine an architectural scenario. Meet with a client in a pre built environment which is presumably the design, and either user can move a chair model around.

Then think board game.

Either user can pick up a pre-built game piece and move it, while the other user watches the process in real time.

I'm not even sure it's possible (on the free, open source, built by amateurs basis)

I've been curious about using SketchUp for this to recreate minatures gaming. The problem is that the real time portion of it is missing. You can break things down into discreet files, and reload them from a dropbox folder.

I'd like to see this happen in a real time engine, preferable through a browser.

Anyone know anything like that? Free would obviously be an asset to as many people as possible could form a player base.

Duh, for me. The obvious example is Mechwarrior Tactics, built in Unity.

I'm thinking of something much much more basic though. Something a community of enthusiasts could use for obscure small time board games.

I've only glanced through this thread, but it sounds like you might find your solution there.

Although I haven't built such an environment in Unity (yet), I can say pretty certainly that what you are looking for is doable in Unity. Basically, what you need is a 3D environment set up within your multiplayer-scripted game's space. Then, you'd need the objects with physics properties and collision models, so the player can interact with them (I know Unity can do this, though again, I haven't done much with physics myself). At that point, you'd add the player Controller and give it a component/script to pick up objects (not sure the name of the component off-hand, but I'm like, 90% sure there's something in there for it).

The caveat I'd see is creating the assets with which players would play their virtual tabletop games-- those things would need to be modeled and added into the Unitypackage file, which means you'd either need a repository in the game of all the pieces that could possibly be used from the outset (virtually impossible, I'd imagine). Or, you'd need to create a system that would allow players to make their own pieces and add them in, a la Steam Workshop. That's a whole other ball of wax with which I have zero familiarity.

Good luck!

If you needed physics, it would be some seriously modified physics. I don't think that anyone really wants it turning into Surgeon Simulator.

Here's what I'm really getting at:

This strikes me as the ultimate free to play model.

You would be constantly selling minis, set pieces, textures, etc.

Oh-- the physics I'm talking about are the most basic-- basically, a simple gravity aspect so things will fall and bounce according to their specified weight when dropped or thrown. Nothing simulation-worthy.

I was under the impression that you wanted two or more players in the same environment, FPS style, wherein the players have avatars physically in the 3D space, picking up game pieces and moving them around. But what you're talking about seems to be exactly what that Rubicon Crossing link is leading to. It looks like a pretty rad project, and is being built in Unity as well

See also Battlebox3d.

VASSAL might do what you want.

Now there is "Tabletop Simulator" on Steam. Not bad at all IMHO.

People have created Cards Against Humanity, Settlers and others. I put together a decent Liars Dice-style game.


The animated DnD minis look fun.

Has anyone else picked this up? Looks too fun.

I also threw together a quick Snakes and Ladders to play with my son. He wanted to be a real snake of course:


I do not see a "Tabletop Simulator" catch-all, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.