GWJ-ATX 2013: Third Monday Movies


We had some good times in 2012...

Last year, we wrote:

...but the hassle of picking an activity, a time, and a venue became a drag on enthusiasm until, well...

This year, I'm eliminating -- or at least reducing -- the amount of hassle. Both the activity and the time will be fixed!

On the third Monday of every month, I will be going to the movies. It will be a venue that also serves food (i.e. either an Alamo Drafthouse or Flix Brewhouse) and the time will be 8pm, give or take based on the schedule. The only thing left will be to decide which movie and which venue. These will be based on the consensus of those committed to attendance. Specifics will be selected and posted one week in advance (i.e. on the 2nd Monday of the month) so get your two cents in before then.

So does anyone want to go see a movie?

Perhaps I should have waited until today to post this so all you slackers reading at work would actually see it.

I might be able to drive up from San Antonio for some of these. Tagging to keep up with the fun.

This is a dirty trick to make me show up at a GWJ thing at least once in my life, innit?

Does KilgoreTrout or SoulDaddy know this is happening?

This makes me sad. Maybe I'll be able to make one if there's going to be 12 though. I'm probably due to come to the office and see what the hell they've done to my network anyway.

*Legion* wrote:

This is a dirty trick to make me show up at a GWJ thing at least once in my life, innit?

Actually, it's more about forcing me to be more social (and who better to socialize with than GWJ'ers?) but you're welcome to blame me for dragging you out, too.

Sku Boi wrote:

Does KilgoreTrout or SoulDaddy know this is happening?

Feel free to spread the word. I'm just one guy.

Got it. I'll let Devmani and Kilgore know. We should all be able to make it unless... unless we can't, I guess.

I doubt I can come up with 12 excuses, so.... signing in

So, any thoughts on when and where? As for the when, it doesn't have to be a specific date but would you prefer a weeknight or a weekend? For example, you might prefer a weeknight because weekends are family time/date night and it's easier to just slip out after work (much like a networking event)... or perhaps weekends are better for you because you don't go out during the week. Your input is desired. I'd just as soon not have to make an executive decision. Thanks.

Signing in. Still trying to find a new house, but we're getting closer, so hopefully will have some free time soon.

Weekend would be better for me. I don't want to drive up I-35 after working all day.

sign me up, wed nights are out.

I'm in. Weekends work for me.

Weekdays are always better for me, however on the weekends Sundays are best and then Fridays, Saturdays are hit or miss depending on how many gigs i have that day, but usually i don't gig past 9pm. I'm out of town until the 18th this month. That said i'm on board.

ps. how do i change my name from violboy to KilgoreTrout for this site?

oh, and Feb 3rd is a bad day for me, i'm playing at one of the Blue October bandmate's wedding so i'll be gone that night. January 21st and 28th i have gigs until 7pm, Austin and Spicewood respectively. Sometime during the weekend i get back i have a recording session and i still don't know when that is happening. Other than that, i'm wide open to hang with y'all.

I'm up for any of the options. I really like Master Pancake and would love to see them again, so my "vote" goes to that.

Provided we decide early enough, we could all order our tickets from the Drafthouse site and be sure we've got seats.

OP updated.

violboy wrote:


A triple-post? You know there's an edit button, right?

As for changing your name, you could PM Certis. I'd say that, as a "Coffee Grinder" you could/should just create a new account but I understand if you don't want to lose your "3 years 43 weeks" membership stat. Be sure to mention that in the PM.

Sorry (to you and anyone else who potentially can't make it) if Saturday isn't going to work for you this month but, like I said, I intend to try to make this a monthly event so there will be more.

I wish these had happened when I still lived in Austin. I really miss the Alamo Drafthouse.

Can't make the 21st - wife is out of town that wknd and I have the kiddos, but the 28th should work. But no worries if I miss it on the 21st, I'll just try my best to make Feb.

Well if more people would rather see Master Pancake than the Garriott documentary (or option D, do something else entirely), the 28th is still a viable option. We shall see.

Wait, what? An Austin GWJer event that *isn't* when I'm in the middle of a push to beta? How can this be?!

Good chance I should be able to make any of those. Stuff can always come up, but Saturdays tend to be more open for me than Fridays/Sundays, so it's looking good so far.

7pm Master Pancake on 1/21 sold out. Tickets for the other two options are not yet available (online, at least) but I'll be make a decision soon so I can snag mine when they do, so get your two cents in if you're interested.

Your February event should include pasties and body paint.

The date, time, and location are set. Now to figure out some optional pre- and post-show options.

I'll probably head down a little early so we can gather somewhere (dimly) lit as opposed to trying to coordinate inside the Alamo.

The Blind Pig?
Somewhere a little farther?

Best way to coordinate via mobile? SMS? G+?

Edit: Actually, Jackalope is just a block away and they have decent burgers... Hmm.

souldaddy wrote:

Nevermind, tickets are already sold out. Who didn't get tickets in time? We might need to do a 2nd event, grump.

Make sure you're looking at the right date. When I go to 1/28 and mouseover 7pm, it says "tickets are not yet available" or something to that effect.


Never read gwj while talking to customers. Still, you need to purchase tickets as soon as they come available. This show can sell out in 1 hour.

@drafthouse[/url]]@Grumpicus Tix for the following weekend usually go up the Mon. before, but sometimes w/ specialty shows it's earlier.