The thread for movies that aren't going to get their own thread but are still in theaters

"Love and Monsters" was really enjoyable, and I only just noticed it's at 90% on Rotten Romatoes. The trailer spoils some of its bigger suspenseful bits, though.

Borat 2 is streaming on Friday!!! Je kwee!

RawkGWJ wrote:

Borat 2 is streaming on Friday!!! Je kwee!

Can't wait to see Giuliani touching himself!

We 'bought' Bill and Ted to watch it and others have said it was a lighthearted joy to watch.

ClockworkHouse wrote:
RawkGWJ wrote:

Borat 2 is streaming on Friday!!! Je kwee!

Can't wait to see Giuliani touching himself!

I’m a real stickler for spoilers and I’m supremely disappointed that this was spoiled. It was spoiled in a different thread than this one.

That said, I’m now even more emboldened and enthusiastic about watching it! SBC is a freeking genius.

Wait, you're not seriously angry about spoilers, are you? I think the political and electoral implications probably trump spoilers.

Spoiler: Spoiler about Guiliani spoiler

You know how politicians like to take things way, way out of context and use selective editing to make things look like things they aren't?

Well, same thing in this case.

I love me some Borat and I am one of those people who don’t want ANY prior knowledge of a movie I’m looking forward to. So yes, I’m serious about the spoiler bit. I’m a strange one, and I’m being genuine here. I’m not angry about it but I am disappointed.

That's one spoiler that would have been hard to avoid.

Just saw Underwater with Kristen Stewart. It wasn't bad nor was it particularly good.

But seeing that movie proves that we can now get the Warhammer 40k live-action movie that we deserve.

I watched Iron Mask the Jackie Chan movie. It was fine. I think they oversold the Jackie Chan part but when he was on screen he was good. Overall a very meh film trying to do too much stuff. I am not mad, just disappointed.

Wrong thread. Sorry!

More like:

The Matrix? Four F*ck's Sake!

I prefer watching movies at home anyway, so this is very exciting news for me. Hopefully it continues post-covid and we get simultaneous releases for streaming services and theaters.

If only they could just release Dune early now.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Also, go watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. Underwater octopus documentary created by one person.

DSGamer wrote:

If only they could just release Dune early now.

I'm still waiting for Universal to do something similar and give me the last Fast and Furious movie. Peacock maybe?

Watched In Search of Darkness which is a four hour documentary on 80s and 90s horror movies. I really liked it. Check it out if you got four hours to kill.

We watched possessor Brandon Cronenberg’s latest. It’s a really interesting sci fi although verges into horror as it is really brutal in parts. I really enjoyed it. If you Cronenberg Seniors early work this is likely to be up your street.

Sound of Metal (i know probably should post in the Amazon thread, but with everything streaming these days...)

I really enjoyed this. The performances were very good!

I think this only applies to USA. HBO Max is only available there, I believe, so business as usual everywhere else (plus early pirated streamed copies).

Freaky is actually a lot of fun.

Kurrelgyre wrote:

Freaky is actually a lot of fun.

Yellek and I were considering renting it.

You know, that movie “Emma.” Has a very funny Christmas dinner party scene. Just sayin’.


and it's on HBO Max right now.

(I bought it on iTunes, btw. I will eventually finish it, and definitely rewatch it. Anya Taylor-Joy is a treasure.)

Her career has just taken off into the A-list this year. Soooo gratifying.

My family and I watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It was excellent.

I watched Parasite finally and the ending gutted me.


I put myself through college on my own in in part in order to try and help lift my family out of poverty.

When I graduated college I convinced my brothers to come live with me in the hopes of better opportunities opening for them and my parents being free to pursue a better quality of life.

When my mom died we went home and got my dad (who is blind and was dependent on my mom), packed up his stuff and moved him up to Oregon to live with us.

So at the end when the kid literally goes to college, gets a degree, earns a sh*t load of money and buys the house so his dad can leave the basement...

That wasn’t just a metaphor to me. It really got to me how much they nailed the climb.

That’s not me bragging or anything like that. It was an astounding metaphor that aptly explained what your odds are if you’re poor.

It’s a Sisyphean climb that is likely to result in failure. We know from the ending that he doesn’t actually do all of that. That’s just the plan. The only viable plan within the current system is to embrace capitalism and go as far as you’re required to go within the insane system we’ve created.

Jiu Jitsu was one of the worse movies I ever seen. The acting was horrible. The fight scenes were terrible even with having some of the best movie fighters. They kept changing the camera work for no reason. This scene is in first person, next scene is behind back then it goes to a more normal shot. It was so jarring.

If they just nailed the fights it could have been a fun wacky movie but they didn't. There is nothing good about this movie. Can't even give it a so bad it is good.