Hiking the Appalachian Campaign Trail

Hey, remember Mark Sanford? The ex-SC governor who vanished from office without telling any of his staff and was found several days later with his mistress in Argentina? Who told the press he had been hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Well, you know he's trying to restart his political campaign by running for Congress, right? Oh, you'd heard that. You knew he was running against Stephen Colbert's sister, right? Oh, you knew that, too. Well, you knew he was just arrested for trespassing in his ex-wife's home, right?

For sure, he's a class act.

Actually, the arrest occurred back in February, it's just coming to light now. All this from a guy many once thought might become the president.

The opening line of his wikipedia entry is pretty good.

Wikipedia wrote:

Marshall Clement "Mark" Sanford, Jr. (born May 28, 1960) is an American politician from South Carolina, who has a habit of going places he's not supposed to go to.