Multiplayer games for kids ages 8-12?

Taking care of niece and nephew and would like your suggestions as title says.

They have a Wii, a Wii U and a PS2 at my house as well as 2 non gaming laptops (integrated graphics circa 2011).

Anything all 3 of us can do simultaneously / not having to take turns, other than racing, dance, karaoke and mario party?

Perhaps a lightweight MMO? I dabbled in Wizard 101 with my nephew and thankfully he did not care for it.

If it's an MMO suggestion, I'd prefer something that doesn't require a huge download and a million patches *cough cough WOW*

I'm ok with board games too, just have never found the right balance of "not too easy/kiddie" vs not too complicated (especially for 8 year old)
Already intro'd them to Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon and Magic the Gathering (with a very close eye on what cards they are exposed to).

Anything welcomed.


I always thought The Adventures of Cookie & Cream was an awesome two-player co-op game, as long as they don't mind super cute things

Torchlight 2? Maybe grab a couple classic point n' click adventures (or Telltale Games titles) from GOG and work on the puzzles together?

Also, New Super Mario Bros (either the Wii or Wii U ones) would be good although you probably already have them.

is Minecraft too obvious?

Board games: King of Tokyo, Flashpoint?


Based on my experience with Xbox Live you should go with CoD.

ooh great suggestions so far.

Yes they have all mario / nintendo 1st party
Yes they do play minecraft...I just want to try something new with them.

Put the word out to pickup that Adventures of Cookie and Cream with all the local shops, no one has it in stock.

Keep them coming please ^^

Would Dungeon Defenders (PC) work?

PS2? Champions of Norrath and/or its sequel. Possibly the only game you'll need. Easy to dump a lot of time into those games and I've found them to be pretty kid-friendly in the past.

I always thought ATV Offroad Fury was fun multiplayer, it might keep them entertained for a bit.

Board games? Castle Panic would work, I think it hits that sweet spot quite nicely. Hey, That's My Fish would be another good pick, the artwork and theme are appealing and the gameplay is light and abstract. I haven't played Zooloretto but it could work as well.

EDIT: While ATV Offroad Fury is a racing game, it has a fun free driving mode that makes for a fun time waster.

PS2 - Burnout3 Takedown - I don't think it's MP, but the races are short and up to 3 people can pass the controller taking turns attempting races or crashes.
So, so much fun.

My kids are around the same age, and they love playing Superhero Squad (Marvel MMO).

Also Lego Batman 2.


One of the local mom/pop shops called and told me they didn't have cookies and cream but to try sky landers.

We drove over and my niece and nephew had a blast picking up one of everything.

I had heard of the game before but had never tried it.

Quite good. Only drawback is it can only accommodate 2 players at a time ( I think).

Anyways bought terraria, ordered cookies and cream, all the Lego and marvel games.

I had a large tent put up in the back just a stones throw from the guest house and moved a tv in there. We all played sky landers while watching the stars and running back and forth from house to tent making s'mores and all manners of goodies I will vehemently deny feeding them if their parents ever ask

Thank u for helping