GWJ Writer's Throwdown: April 2013 - Showers...

This month's challenge: April showers.

It's raining: the sort of rain that just keeps on coming down no matter what.... The sort of rain that fills your characters' lives and world so much that it overflows with meaning, innuendo and metaphor. This month's challenge is to integrate water and/or rain into the story in any way you see fit. Maybe it's a gum shoe noir detective drenched on a stake-out or maybe it's a "the deadliest catch" sort of scenario... or it's a poem about the drops of water that reflect your life as they fall - only you know.

As per usual:
Rules: Post your story somewhere else, and post a link to it here.

Bonus words:

I'm out for this month, I'm afraid. Much as I wanted to take a crack at our challenge, I'm editing a novel and have taken on a couple of projects that need to be finished before the month is through.

My fellow writers, I hope to be back for next month's challenge and at least get to reviewing your offerings from March - long overdue, I know - and April.

Godspeed or something!

Good luck, brokenclavicle!

I should have mine submitted in the next few days.

Still planning to submit something for this... not sure if I'll get in today though.

Haha, even me. Probably by the weekend. I really struggled with mine!

If anyone wants to start the May thread, please, go ahead!

Right, here's mine... finally!


(Couldn't think of a title!)

In hopes of driving those still interested in the Throwdown, here's July's thread.