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The Arrival

Quintin_Stone wrote:

The Arrival

Been a while since I've seen that one. What with #winning, I guess I'll see how it holds up.

You know, TLG had problems, but I thought they did a great job honoring the characters. It was goofy at times, but entertaining. One very eerie aspect of the show is the pilot episode which aired in early 2001 and was remarkably prophetic of events that would occur later in the year. It really creeped me out watching it after the fact.

Beyond Lone Gunman's unfortunate and coincidental 9/11 parallels, there are all kinds of little things that have already happened. Like, in one of the early episodes, they're after a prototype chip that will "put GPS trackers in all cell phones!" Watching it a year or two ago, I couldn't help but think "That's cute, and it's kinda sad I think that's cute."

Happy Fringe by-week!


Ugh. No Fringe and no Community. Worst Friday ever.

trueheart78 wrote:

Happy Fringe by-week!


Not a problem for someone who's done acid.

trueheart78 wrote:

So, after the first set of episodes:

Seems like the observers have gotten lazy since overthrowing humanity. They don't seem as omniscient in 2036 like they did earlier on.

Henrietta (Georgina Haig) has been an interesting character so far, but other than being the primary footing to the current timeline, I've not seen as much growth out of her (yet) as I had hoped. We shall see, though. Hoping they do another episode decently focused on her, perhaps pre-2036.

And yes, I'm still awestruck by the awesomeness that is Anna Torv. Her character has turned to being a hope giver, if you will. Compassionate, determined, and yet still... broken, in a way. No longer the team leader of earlier seasons, yet stronger than ever.

The rest of the team, though, still seem decently grounded in their earlier roles (that's not necessarily a bad thing).

I am really looking forward to enjoying the rest of the series. :)

I agree with everything here. Overall, I miss the old world, and have not grown as fond of the future setting. I think the alternate universe was easier to accept because we knew they would be back. But that world is now gone, and the new world is not quite as interesting.

And you put your finger on why. The Observers are just way less interesting as overlords, since they seem to have been nerfed.

And a Hells to the Yeah about Anna Torv. She has gone from a flat actress that was getting the job done to really nailing the emotional heart of the series.

I hadn't kept up on schedules and didn't realize Fringe was getting a stupid two week break.

Was ready to declare war when I got home today and my HTPC hadn't recorded a new episode.

MLB playoffs. Always happens once or twice for FOX shows in Oct.

Baseball is stupid.

Your face is stupid.

Ok? Baseball is the lamest spectator sport in the history of competitive... anything.

I'll take Fringe over MLB bullsh*t every day for the rest of ever. Even re-runs.

Oh crap, you thought I was taking your opinion of baseball serious. Sorry.

Never mind. Not worth the time or effort.

What about golf Thin-J, have you considered golf? Or bass fishing?

Your question lacks Fringe.


Meanwhile, if you boys are done...

I'm catching up on Season 4 in a frantic rush before my free trial of Amazon Prime ends at the start of November. I'm up to Episode 13 ("A Better Human Being"), and I'm absolutely enthralled. I gave up on the season when it was airing because I felt like the producers were jerking us around; it seemed like at the end of each season, they'd find some way or other to hit a big reset button for the first batch of new episodes, and I didn't like that.

I should have stuck with it. What they did with Peter being outside of time, and the interplay between him and the other characters in a world where he didn't exist, has been really fascinating. Of course, it's helped immensely to not have to sit around and twiddle my thumbs for two weeks after a big cliffhanger while Fox runs something else.

Thanks to some open spoilers here, I know that Season 5 is set in a future where the Observers have taken over in some capacity. It's interesting to see how that's being set up in Season 4 with the early death of September and the growing air of malevolence around the other Observers. Where before they seemed like a quirky bit of lore and largely benign, they now seem more and more like a group of people with a specific goal or plan in mind. They're not observing, they're shaping, and that's becoming more obvious with each episode.

I'm looking forward to getting current with you all.

Episode 19 of season 4 will give you a great idea of what season 5 is (it's set in 2036, and takes place right before episode 1 of season 5)

Happy Fringe Day (finally, stupid baseball)!

I think we're just lucky today's a travel day. Don't think they schedule the series around Fringe.

Observer influence.

...This is just un-f*cking-fair!

Son of a...

About halfway through I turned to my wife and said


I think someone is going to die tonight. Maybe Broyles, now that he knows his friends are out there. It's the last season, they're going to kill people off I think. Saving the world and dying is an ok way to end some stuff.

But dammit I never thought it would be Etta.

And now I'm almost certain that the plan to stop the Observers will be some type of time travel to stop the invasion from ever happening. Take things back to 2016 or whenever it was. And let Etta grow up normal.

Where's a good place to start in this series? Me and the girlfriend tried a few episodes in season 1, but the horrible pseudoscience seemed to dominate the early episodes, and I wasn't get quite enough payoff from the characters. Should I just plow on through, or is there a better jumping on point?


ruhk wrote:


Yeah, like an ox.

I was about halfway through the episode and looked over at my laptop and saw new tweets. I brought them up to see Josh Jackson tweet this:


R.I.P. baby Bishop. You are missed.


I can see social media blackout is going to be essential for the remaining nine episodes. Great ep. tonight though. As much as I wanted it, I knew in my heart that


Windmark would warp out in time. Dude just creeps me out.

Well it wouldn't be the first plot that Fringe stole from Dr Who.

Even seeing the Doctor after I was like "oh man, I can't believe Fringe copied this".