Fringe Catch-All - You Are My Favorite Thing, Fringe. My Very Favorite Thing.

Preview for S5:E1

Season 4 was just added to Amazon Prime this morning, if you need to catch up (and I do).

Wow. I wasn't expecting that so soon after the Blu/DVD release.

But I think we will at least watch Letters of Transit again tonight.

I don't remember if I posted, but I did finish my s1-4 rewatch a couple weeks back.

So I missed Season One back when it was new. Now that I'm on Amazon Prime, should I watch it, or is it one of those awkward seasons like S1 of The X-Files that has a couple neat episodes but is otherwise completely forgettable?

As I said a couple pages back:

Stele wrote:

Eh I've just finished re-watching the first two seasons the last 11 days (see post above), and it's even better than I remember. Knowing the mystery and seeing the clues and foreshadowing, and knowing when people are lying about things... it really all comes together. :cool:

I think I enjoyed it more on this rewatch than I did the first time.

ClockworkHouse wrote:

So I missed Season One back when it was new. Now that I'm on Amazon Prime, should I watch it, or is it one of those awkward seasons like S1 of The X-Files that has a couple neat episodes but is otherwise completely forgettable?

It starts off a little weak, but it introduces a lot of things that were revisited in interesting ways in later seasons, especially season 4.

It starts tonight?!? *squeeeee*

Ahem. Sorry 'bout that.

Aries wrote:

It starts tonight?!? *squeeeee*

Ahem. Sorry 'bout that.

Last night was Person of Interest, and tonight, Fringe. I think I can forgive Abrams for the Revolution turd.

I've always felt that Fox did ok by Fringe, keeping it around long after the ratings gave them ample proof they didn't need to keep it around. I've even pushed back against the Fox hates and cancels sci-fi narrative, pointing out that Fox is really the only network that puts it on in the first place. But now that they're making me sit through X-Factor (and not the X-Men splinter group version) I can't help but feel the network's hate. Not for the show, or the shows fans, but for me personally. I feel like they're attacking me, doing this to me, directly. Like they had a scheduling meeting and decided "This will infuriate SPP in a profound way."

Even their f*cking Pepsi cups! God, end this now!

That episode was very bittersweet.

Welcome back, FRINGE - I've missed you terribly.

Great and intriguing. I assumed we'd get more of a present/future split (maybe if it was a full 22 ep season) leading up to the future, but it seems we already know more or less everything we need to know about how everyone got in amber.


I wanted more of completed brain Walter, but based on the preview, it looks like he comes back.

Well that was cool.

I too expected more split. Maybe we'll get one solid flashback episode to fill in or something? I dunno.

Still, good stuff.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. They've done a fantastic job getting me to despise Windmark and the other observernazis. They've developed a nice challenge for our heroes as well, overcoming the observers and repairing their world.

Cuckoo-birds Markham was a nice touch too.

John Noble just never disappoints. From the pain of fighting a brain rape to rocking the Yaz in a gutted car, he just makes me believe the range of emotions he's feeling.

I've never seen Homeland, but I'd be shocked if there's an actor, leading or supporting, of John Noble's caliber on that show, Emmy's be damned.

Nobody posted Happy Fringe Day today!

With the baseball playoffs I kinda forgot myself. Guess I'll watch in the morning.

Stele wrote:

Nobody posted Happy Fringe Day today!

Werd. Slackers.

They really emphasized we're unlikely to see Dez again. Anyway, I liked it a hell of a lot. I was rather moved. Great to see Walter also enjoys the Criterion Collection. Now, on to the horcruxes.

Not a good way to go, brother.

I knew Desmond would come out ahead.

Anyone else notice that Walter says they have to find the tapes, and obviously he assumes someone other then him would find this recording, yet he makes no mention of where to start looking for the other tapes. Or did I miss that? We'll see what happens in the next episode I guess, it seems like a weird flaw in the plot.

I did note he didn't state where to start looking. Probably under his bed.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

I did note he didn't state where to start looking. Probably under his bed.

In the cow!

Telling everyone they needed to find the tapes and then not saying where to look seemed exactly like a thing Walter would do to me :p

Happy Fringe Day!


Nom, nom, nom.

Oh, happy Fringe day too.

For the record, that was quite good

"In two weeks!?" But...what...why do...argh, what is this?

Anyway, neat ep, not the greatest, but enjoyable. The Lost-ness of the tapes is obvious, but I like it.

So, after the first set of episodes:

Seems like the observers have gotten lazy since overthrowing humanity. They don't seem as omniscient in 2036 like they did earlier on.

Henrietta (Georgina Haig) has been an interesting character so far, but other than being the primary footing to the current timeline, I've not seen as much growth out of her (yet) as I had hoped. We shall see, though. Hoping they do another episode decently focused on her, perhaps pre-2036.

And yes, I'm still awestruck by the awesomeness that is Anna Torv. Her character has turned to being a hope giver, if you will. Compassionate, determined, and yet still... broken, in a way. No longer the team leader of earlier seasons, yet stronger than ever.

The rest of the team, though, still seem decently grounded in their earlier roles (that's not necessarily a bad thing).

I am really looking forward to enjoying the rest of the series.

Enjoying the hell out of things so far. Getting little pieces of the invasion and past.

Wondering about this machine to stop the Observers. Maybe something that stops all time travel? Maybe they go back to 2012-ish and keep this thing from happening?

Just seems odd that we would end the series in 2036.

So, I'm still relatively new to Fringe, nearing the end of season 2. I like it, both because it rekindles some of my love for The X-files and for its own charms. I'd like a bit more of the cloak'n'dagger, a la The Smoking Man, conspiracies, etc. Sure, this will surely come in subsequent seasons.

Still, I'm curious if this crowd knows of some more conspiracy-laden stuff, preferably on Netflix but that's secondary. The obvious is to retread The X-files, which I've been doing. There are some purely terrestrial features like The Pelican Brief (which I really enjoyed years ago) and goofier stuff like Signs and Conspiracy Theory (the latter kind of a mix of the two former). Maybe I could dredge up The Lone Gunmen, which I only recently rediscovered and never watched when it was on TV.

What are some other favorite spy/conspiracy/espionage/UFO stuff that might fit? With your help, I might not have to stoop to watching movies based on Dan Brown books.

Edit: This is a conflict of interests, after a fashion. I'm trying to evade this thread due to spoilers while at the same time get information from it. Like quantum tectonics, or not even at all!