Tiger Woods 14

Really wasn't going to get this one, but I gave it a rent and it's pretty good. Anyone here picking it up? Interested in forming a club or whatever they are called in the game?

Guess I'll take this as a no. Shame as it really is an improved version over last year's which I hated.

I will be picking it up today.

"Edgar Newt" on X-Box.

EDIT: Picked Up. I put together a "Club GWJ" on X-box. Would love to have more than one member. Password: stan

I won't be on tonight, but I'll blaze up tomorrow and join up. Then we'll be all the way up to 2!!!

I just played a connected tournament and had a lot of fun. Seeing the shots of other golfers gives it a much more engaging feelings. Would be great to get some more players in our club....

I wonder if there's a patch coming with the 2 yard drop penalty?

No Wii or WiiU version. Pretty surprising.

I always favored the Wii versions of the last few years, since all the courses were included. Since the M+ controls, it's been pretty fantastic over there, and still has all the online tournaments.

I guess without the DLC courses they weren't getting a return on that version though and dropped it?

I mean I do have a PS3, but without Move, I can't see going back to old controller golf.