Image Hosting possibilities for a website?

Hey so a buddy of mine runs the local Ultimate league in town. (The game with the disk). They are going to be upgrading their website and he wanted to know if there was a service already out there that they could use where members of the league could contribute photos to the site so they don't have to host all the pictures themselves. They were thinking it would also be neat if they could run contests for best pictures every month. Not sure what sites are out there and how flexible they are.

Is this something they should be looking at hosting themselves instead?

I have never really had any experience with this kind of stuff, and was hoping the goodjer collective had some good suggestions.

It might not be what you're looking for but Google+ has some really cool photo sharing built around their Events.

I was thinking of Picasa/Google+ or Flickr.

However if you want more control and are able to pay for the space that may accrue you can try Gallery. I used it when I used to self-host my website but stopped once Picasa was pointed out to me. However, Gallery will give you the ability to add users of different capabilities and such. Not sure what G+ can give in terms of granular permissions.

The key to all of this is that users of his website will be able to upload pics themselves.

Gallery will allow that.

Gaald wrote:

The key to all of this is that users of his website will be able to upload pics themselves.

Flickr allows this, and you can setup a group as private or open. The downside is that all contributors will have to register and setup Yahoo accounts if they don't already have them.

Alternately, though it seems like an obvious answer, setting up a Facebook group could work for you as well. Photos can be contributed to the group by members, as well as events scheduled and alerts about such delivered to members via the Facebook platform.

Tagged for interest. My local league is looking to do that too.