Looking for a new career, Possibly in the Gaming Industry. Need advice.

So I have experienced a personal life tragedy and I need to change my life to accommodate these new challenges and get a good job for myself rather than fall victim and unemployed. Ive had a few surgeries and complications arose with permanent nerve damage and problems with my one leg. Its 3-4 degrees colder than the rest of my body,shakes constantly and I have pain constantly. Employment for me in the past was physical work. I am a high school graduate with a dipolma. I attended college for 2 semesters for a social worker after high school but found out it really wasnt my cup of tea.I found I was more of a hands on type person. Then I found computers sort of interesting around '99-'00. I didnt know much and just winged it thru alot but did find my way around Win 98 and now Win XP. I also learned a few things with building my own pc by going to a local pc shop and asking a few questions and putting it all together. Im not an expert on the subject though.
I have been researching online schools for networking and security work. Talked to a very nice gentleman that did go to college and finished and works as a cyber security person. He works from home but it just didnt seem right for me. I havent crossed it out just yet.
Just today I came across an ad for ITT and found Game Design as one study.

I am desperately seeking online schooling and employment from my own home due to the complications with my permanent injuries.

Is there anyone out there that can give me some advise on what is all out there if I explain what I am looking to do?
Mainly interested in a fast course(if possible) that is strictly online schooling where I can graduate from it online. I am looking to work strictly from home due to the injury and complications. I am finding it hard to find some type of job that would be interesting to me to get into that I can do all from home. Im not dead set on just game design. I am looking for more of what is available out there. I was always a hard core gamer in my younger days and find it very interesting. I read some about game design but not sure if I would be able to do this. I also read a bit on game tester. But read its very hard to get into and pushing 40 now my eyes cant take the fast moving cameras on alot of the shooter games especially if I play them on the PC using the mouse and keyboard.
Can anyone list some topics or type of jobs that involve game development and that a person can do from home? Im looking for solid employment and would love to have an income in the $30K-$40K a year range. More if possible but as long as I know I can do it. I dont mind going to school for a couple years for an associates degree or even a bachelors degree as long as I can swing it mentality wise.
Just looking to talk to people out here that may have some sort of guidance on where to start and how to get into something that I like to do and have it benefit me now that I have new challenges in life and cant return to my old way of living. I would rather rise up than fall behind in life due to this.

From what I've read many times, getting into game development is a good way to ruin your hobby, and many companies will figuratively flog you to death getting a game out. It also seems to be a career path with f-all job security, and unless you're the top of your game in a field not many tackle then there's tough competition with a lot of other people because it's a buyers market.

If you're really into game design/development, look at a training and career path that compliments the skills needed but is parallel and separate, and start off doing mods on the side, as part of a team hopefully. Then decide if it's what you really want.