Any way to LEGALLY watch first run movies at home?

Stuck at my lair babysitting for the weekend my sub 8 year old niece and nephew but really want to watch Olympus Has Fallen.

Wouldn't mind paying up to $200 for a legal way to watch it at home. And no, I refuse to hire even a thoroughly documented babysitter for a few hours to watch my niece and nephew.

Surprised a service like this already doesn't exist (maybe it does?) this late in the game.

Would love the convenience of being able to pause, go to the kitchen, restroom, etc and frankly my home theater setup is far superior to the vast majority of crap at a typical theater which has to attempt to accommodate sound to hundreds of people (blah!) at once.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Don't see how it would be possible legally. Distribution licenses control how and when movies are made available on the various channels and theatres get first bite of the cherry.

I've heard awhile back that some companies were trialing the idea of streaming first run movies for $30-50 for a single viewing.

Any word on what happened to that?

Considering movie tickets where I'm at are about $11 each, consider travel time, etc., $30-$50 is extremely reasonable.

The closest you're going to come at this point is the extra week or two that OnDemand video services via cable TV nets you. You're still paying 12-18$ for that movie but getting it before the plastic CAL is release.