Starforge Catch-All

So there's this.

Starforge is like Minecraft but with better graphics and combat.

I don't have it yet, but will likely try it out. It's in early Alpha now with purchases to help out with building what looks like an awesome sandbox game!

Anyone else looking at it?

And bought. If for no other reason than to support the indieness of it.
And I want this.

I'm watching it. I make a point of not being involved in Alphas or Betas.

I understand that a lot of what is in their videos is not in the game yet, and I am prepared for that.

I still look forward to having this game that is what I feel minecraft should bE!!! There! I said it!

ok, i may be in the minecraft minority.

I've been watching this for a long time. I'm sure I'll grab it sooner rather than later.

This is a daily deal on Steam today. I think I'll splurge for a Founder's Club Pack since it's two copies and I need three anyway. Anyone want to split a Founder's Club so I can get a third copy?

LiquidMantis wrote:

This is a daily deal on Steam today. I think I'll splurge for a Founder's Club Pack since it's two copies and I need three anyway. Anyone want to split a Founder's Club so I can get a third copy?

I would jump in with you Mantis if I wasn't so broke right now :(. I remember running around the tech demo sandbox when that released a year ago and that was fun, but it still had a long way to go, though it does seem that they are getting places with it now. As Mantis mentioned on the other thread, there is another thread! Though this one has a steam group attached.
I know that one has to purchase a pack to enter the Alpha, but has there been any information about it releasing as a free-to-play (whenever that happens) like they orininally mentioned a year ago?

50% off today!

I don't know what's going on but the version I got off Steam looks way earlier than the one in that March 22nd clip. The art isn't as pretty, not as many enemy types, etc.

I love the randomly generated weapons in Fort Defense. I got a chainsaw with 7 blades on it. That's dumb in all the right ways.


Yup, that's caused a BIG kerfluffle. The videos they have shown have a LOT of stuff that's not in the game currently. My brother and I grabbed this, put about 10 minutes in, then backburnered it to let it simmer for a loooong time. Fun bug: your turrets get pissed off and instantly destroy your vat.

So yeah, could be promising, not much game there currently. Planet Explorers is a much better buy currently.

I tried to build a floodlight but couldn't figure out how to attach it to anything, so it just sort of rolled down the hill, its illumination flailing accordingly.

Loaded it up to see where it's at after a few months. It's really coming along.

In Fort Defense they now only give you one crate per round and the number of barrels seems gated to the wave (so you need to get to wave 10 or so before you start seeing double-barrels), which is a real shame. I used to load that up and run around getting all the crates just to see what crazy and stupid guns would spawn. It was my favorite part of the game, and all I really wanted was a cheat to spawn crates with procedurally generated guns in them. The way they do it now makes more sense for a game, but Star Forge isn't done enough to be a game yet.

They've reworked the respawn chamber so now instead of being a small tank of dolls making drowning sounds it's a gigantic monolith of black steel and red fluid. It's more impressive, but not as disturbing/ridiculous.

Survival is now actually more than just a big empty hill. The forests look great and when you chop down a tree it actually falls over using the physics engine. Then you can chop it into smaller pieces. You can build a drill item that lets you dig into the ground too. Tunneling looks a LOT better than in Minecraft, but there isn't much to do down there. The naturally forming caverns can be very impressive. I found one chasm, just a little hole in the surface, that went some 800 meters down. It was a fairly narrow gash and toward the bottom (I think?), I stepped wrong and plummeted to my death.

Definitely potential here, but it's still really rough. I'm interested to see how it'll look in a few more months.