RBI Baseball for the PC? Where? How?

I was reading some twits from Hunter Pence of the SF Giants (who is an avid gamer), besides playing allot 'The Show' etc., he mentions he still played this game (which I read is the first video game licensed by the MLB). Yes, it's old and graphics are WAY old, but is unique about it, at least from what I have read, it also has multiplayer. So I could find this somewhere cheap or public domain, that would be great. (I'm constantly looking for the best, yet cheapest baseball game that I can easily play my brother across the net. game has to have minimal 'quick relex' type tho').

So if anyone can help me find this game, or recommend some ball game that has the above mention aspects, I would be greatly appreciative.


You have to find a Nintendo emulator and then download the ROM for the game. This is only legal to do though if you own the actual RBI Baseball nintendo game.

Also, RBI 2 is the best one. I played it not too long ago and it is still a lot of fun.

I'm gonna have to disagree and say the first is still better. Also, if don't want reflexes to come into play, find the RBI drinking game.