Happy Pi Day! Help me celebrate!

Here's the deal I want to celebrate this meaningless holiday with some meaningless festivities. Post the next 3 digits from the previous poster and include Pi or Pie related trivia.


The Rasberry Pi has sold over a million units within 1 year of production.


Libby's canned pumpkin was introduced to America in 1929. Libby's is not actually pumpkin but another kind of squash called a Dickinson that also has orange flesh.



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According to wiki as of 2011 this has been computed to over 10 trillion (10^13) digits!

I wonder how many computers throughout the course of human history were purpose built to compute Pi, only to have their progress absolutely smoked a year or two later when the next computer came along.

Pie Trivia wrote:

Boston Cream Pie is actually a cake; cheesecake is actually a pie (a tart, technically).

I'm looking forward to 2 years from now so we can have 3/14/15

Pie Trivia: Key Limes are native to Southeast Asia. Its apparent path of introduction was through the Middle East to North Africa, then to Sicily and Andalusia and via Spanish explorers to the West Indies, including the Florida Keys. From the Caribbean, lime cultivation spread to tropical and subtropical North America, including Mexico, Florida, and later California. Key Limes are much smaller than regular Limes or Persian Limes and have a thinner rind and are more tart.

Pie Recipe: Key Lime pie
Lime zest from 3 Persian Limes
7 egg yolks
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
1 cup Key Lime juice
1 graham cracker crust pie shell

Mix the zest and yolks together till well mixed. Stir in the condensed milk and juice, make sure to mix well after each addition. Poor into pie shell and bake at 350 for 20-24 minutes or until center is firm. Transfer to wire rack immediately and cool completely, about 2-3 hours. Once cooled, store in fridge. Remove from fridge 20 minutes before serving to take chill off pie.



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I suppose that's one good thing about the goofy way you Americans lay out the date, here it's the 14/03/13... we'll never experience the joys of Pi Day.


In actuality, it's the 15/03/13 here. The future is now!

I'm having 3.14 ounces of fine scotch in celebration!

There is no pie day... foolish american's...


The Edmonton Oilers hockey team was originally named in honour of Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler ("Oiler" being an English approximation of "Euler"), popularizer of the use of π for the mathematical constant. This is as illustrated to this day by the Euler diagram in the Oilers' logo. So obsessed with the mathematician was original owner Bill Hunter that he insisted throughout the team's WHA seasons that all coaching be based on Euler's laws of motion. It was not until 1976, when former car dealer Peter Pocklington took ownership of the franchise that the better known "oil" association was established, indebted as he was to the industry where he made his fortune. The team philosophy so invested in a theory-heavy classical mechanics approach was also quickly phased out by the time the Oilers joined the NHL in 1979.


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AP Erebus wrote:

There is no pie day... foolish american's...

Does that mean there is no math in Australia?