Regnum Online - Probably not worth the headache

I saw this F2P MMO advertised on Steam, and figured I'd take a dive into it. So far...

1. I was able to register a username, but this name will not work on the forum. The forum does not recognize the name/pass combo, even after I get the name and pass sent to my email.
2. I can log in once, create a character, but once I try to log in, I get booted.
3. Trying to log back in, I get a message saying I've been permabanned for speedhacking.

I contacted the developer, and they apologized saying it was an issue they're working on with the automated cheat detection system, and they said they'd release my character. I logged in again, it got stuck on the loading screen this time, and now I'm permabanned again.

Oh well, I don't have enough time as it is to play much of anything, and I doubt I'll come back to this one. Uninstalled.

If they can make you work that hard to get into the game it's got to be awesome though, right?

That must be an ARG ;P

From the name it sounds like that's the game itself. Is it like Uplink or Hacker Evolution?

I can't tell, apparently the admins catch me too quickly on the first level. I might need to upgrade my CPU cores and put more hops in my trace.