Unity of Command Catch All - Play this game with me or something

Guess what.

Unity of Command is great. I think someone on the podcast mentioned it like three months ago (mighta been Sean? Julian maybe?)

Anyway, it's great.

Here's some evidence.

So yeah. Start games with me. Put them codes here. I don't care.

At first I was like: "This is a really scary game"

But then I was like: "This is a really fun game, that also happens to be really intelligent, and it's also scary"

Things get clearer with time, I suppose. HOW'S THAT FOR THOUGHT PROVOKING SEAN?

"I'm sure I've seen this as a board game. Ummmmmm... Yeeeeeaah."

Looks cool. I plan on picking it up during a Steam sale.

yeah, that's when I got it. And its expansion, Red Tide. I can't get enough of this. I'LL PLAY ANYONE.

SortingHat wrote:

yeah, that's when I got it. And its expansion, Red Tide. I can't get enough of this. I'LL PLAY ANYONE.

Oh sure, tell us to buy it AFTER the steam sale.

Wilbury, I tried to tell you! I used semaphore. Isn't that your language?

I haven't picked up the expansion yet, still struggling to plow through the original campaign. I'm struggling early in the campaign, but I still can't stop throwing my mighty Soviet soldiers to the meat grinder, over and over again.

Getting a decisive victory on Little Saturn has plagued me. I sat down and reread the manual on a plane ride yesterday and the first thing that jumped out at me was that I had completely forgotten about extended movement. Man, that would have helped my plan out a ton.

I keep plugging this game in the deals thread every time it goes on sale, glad to see more people are picking it up.

Oh gosh, Fleabagmatt, that campaign is impossible. Oh gosh. I can't even ever beat anything.

I love this game, and I'm really happy people are digging it. I'm also really glad that it runs on Linux and has pretty low system requirements as my laptop (running Linux) is not a high-powered machine. The interface is really solid and the gameplay is incredibly engaging.

A shameless, if not pertinent, plug: we had Tomislav, one of the designers from 2x2 Games on 3MA a few weeks back.

Ooh ooh OOH OOH!

Does anyone here have UoC, but DOESN'T have Red Tide that wants a free copy? I 'accidentally' bought Red Tide direct from the dev and then discovered I apparently already bought it during a Steam Sale so I now have a spare code :p

Sold to the man with the Beaker avatar

So I've sucked all the marrow out of this game after playing a scenario at a time on my lunch breaks. Any recommendations on games that would scratch the same itch?