Torment: Tides of Numenera Catch-All

I honestly wasn't super fond of the intro. First you're forced to choose your gender without any context whatsoever, which meant that I immediately quit and started googling about the game to make a decision. Then you land in this place that's just wall to wall weirdness, but it didn't fit for me with the setting (countless eons of risen and fallen civilizations). Like how was so much working forgotten stuff just all there in one place and not buried by the sands of time? Sigil makes a lot more sense as a place where living, functioning weird stuff is all there overlapping.

Then the game immediately forces you to choose between the two companions you meet at the start, which makes them both come off as not great choices (I decided to go it alone because F that drama), and FINALLY, as soon as I got into the town area I had multiple issues with savegames being lost, so I had to replay lengthy conversations multiple times.

I'm going to go back to it and I'm sure I'll get hooked at some point, but that's because I know and like a lot of the writers (I did kickstart the game, after all). If I were going into the game cold I'd probably have shelved it forever.

On sale on Steam for $17.99 - ends Dec. 4th.

I wish I thought I would find time to play it but I know in my heart I wouldn't

I finally was able to start this game, and almost immediately got the Terminal Velocity achievement. Heh.