Streamers with jobs

Veloxi wrote:

I love the idea of it, but I so don't love the idea of giving them my keys.

For Twitch and YouTube streaming you can use the API, but for anything else you have to give 'em keys.

I'm gonna try it tonight. I figure the worst case is I have to re-key a couple streams. Not the end of the world.

Oh, huh, last time I tried it they wanted a key for Twitch. I'll give that a whirl then,

Since I have a crappy laptop and low bandwidth, simultaneous streaming is typically a no-go for me. I only have 1-2 viewers anyway, so I'd much rather be streaming on Hitbox for the lower chat lag. But I have to stream on twitch or else no one knows I'm online.

What I really need is a low-impact way of saying I'm online in twitch, but then redirecting them to my hitbox stream or whatever. Maybe some tiny program that streams a still image to twitch with text showing I'm on hitbox?

That restreaming thing looks nifty though. I'll definitely have to try that. Managing multiple chats seems like it would be a chore though.

I streamed my first game today I didn't have the hardware or the connection before. Now I've got a PS4 and fibre, I've been able to produce a work of great beauty. And lots of black Orc blood.

If anyone cares to watch, feedback on commentary would be appreciated. I also might try to run the stream at better quality. I had some issues, so I think I start talking at about nine minutes in.

Streaming Bloodborne now... Warning - I'm late game, so spoilers and all that rot.

EDIT: My internet dropped out. The stream is back, if you're interested.

I gave another try on Friday night - and it was going pretty darn well, I have to say. I haven't figured out, just yet, what the "gotcha" is. At present this is one of those "too good to be true" services that was popular in the late 90s. No profit motive, no fees, cool service, so investors sunk ALL THE MONEY into it.

When I first fired up my stream for the night, it had a hiccup with twitch - so I was afraid I'd have to restart the entire stream for all four of my channels. . . but after a couple minutes, it just restarted the twitch stream all on its own.

The only possible issue I can see is that they may be skimping on bandwidth. My Youtube livestream was complaining about relatively low KB/s (something like 760k) - even though I was sending to restream at 3,500K.

But even accounting for that, the multiple streams all looked nice.

Can anyone recommend a good PS4 compatible headset - so USB or 3.5mm - for commentary? I've got a Plantronics and a Triton, but my voice sounds a bit rough around the edges with those.

Another stream turned into a video.

Higgledy and me are about to start streaming. twitch.TV/hatchetjob

About to go live myself via PS4 for a bit of division 1 FIFA (and maybe some Bloodborne!)

Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but Twitch has groups for Streamers (Speerunslive for example) which puts together a load of streamers that are easy to find. Anyone know how we'd go about doing it and potentially starting a GwJ group?

P.S. Happy to give anyone a game if they like!

Here's the video of our first time playing Never Alone. The first five minutes or so is me and Higgledy realising that it only has local co-op.

playing saints row 4,on twitch now. www.twitch.TV/hatchetjob

Never Alone is a nice little game. Co-op over the internets would have been good but I understand they probably had limited resources.

I think I said this in a PM, but someone suggested we try to shareplay it.

That's probably a good idea

Anyone else have a problem with Twitch videos, that have been exported to YouTube, getting frozen footage but normal audio? They start normal, then freeze, then start again. I'm using a PS4.

1Dgaf wrote:

Anyone else have a problem with Twitch videos, that have been exported to YouTube, getting frozen footage but normal audio? They start normal, then freeze, then start again. I'm using a PS4.

Is it caused when you go to the dashboard on the PS4 perhaps?

I don't know. I'll try not to dp that when we record, just in case.

1Dgaf wrote:

Anyone else have a problem with Twitch videos, that have been exported to YouTube, getting frozen footage but normal audio? They start normal, then freeze, then start again. I'm using a PS4.

I've not had that issue on my PC my own self, sorries.

Higgledy and me will be streaming tonight at I think we'll be playing Never Alone. We'll start broadcasting at about 7.10pm UK time.

Never Alone is one of the more frustrating games I've played. Our stream, which will eventually make its way to youtube, is a series of grunts and sighs from Higgledy and growls and 'efts' from me.

Yeah, the first half of the game doesn't really prepare you for the horrors of the second half.

There are some really nice ideas in the game and I love the subject, the cultural insights and the much of the aesthetic but the execution adds needless frustration. The harder your game gets the better and more polished your mechanics have to be. The mechanics in this game start to show their weaknesses when you are juggling multiple factors and characters.

At one point both of my characters were off the screen for an extended period and several times the next platform wasn't visible because it was so far off to one side. I only spotted one because I took a wild jump and saw it as I died.

About to go live with a bit of Bloodborne, come watch me get pissed off for an hour!

Will maybe stream a bit later as well.

I'm building up a backlog of videos for Dying Light (each hour played turns into four vids).

For the people that watch, rather than stream, would you want videos to go up as soon as they are done, or have a new one each day?

There's a showbiz addage, 1Dgaf. "Always leave 'em wanting more"

If you're putting out content that people want to see? Release it on a schedule (daily, every other day, thrice a week, whatever). That anticpation keeps people coming back regularly.

By contrast, dumping an hour of content all at once can make it feel like "Ugh, there's so much to watch today! I need to get caught up, but I don't have an hour to kill. . . I'll watch it all later, maybe. . ."

Of course, with that all said, there's Netflix throwing the "episodic release" system out the window and people love their binge viewing, so. . . I dunno.

As a consumer of content, I prefer regular releases.

Thanks for that feedback. After posting, I realised another wrinkle is the videos aren't really separate, they've just been separated. I treat each hour as a single session split into chunks.

I was wondering if that means watching them on separate days would feel odd, since a sentence (or thought) that was started in a video on Monday might only be resolved on Tuesday.

With a bit of luck, Higgledy and me will be streaming tonight at We'll probably be playing FarCry 4.

We'll start broadcasting at about 8:15 UK time.

I'll be trying out a new Internet connection, so I *hope* that the video equality will better (though it was alreadyOK).

Got some feedback on the stream in case its useful to other people who might be thinking of upgrading their connection to stream. The jump in upload speed was worth it, but it's not Giant Bomb pro quality footage or anything.

Upload is at best about 17bmps, download is about 50mbps. I'm on a wired connection, but over a really long ethernet cable. All games on PS4.

In FC4 with Higgledy, captured footage on Twitch is still a bit blurry and pixellated with fast movement such as running or turning quickly. It's not as bad as it was, however. (And I'm wondering if all the fine detail in the environment, foliage etc., is contributing to that.)

Things are better in Dying Light. There doesn't seem to be quite as much artifacting and blurring. I'm wondering if that's partially the environment, but mainly because I'm playing solo.

What is noticeable is the time between image getting back to normal is much quicker.

Here's the video. There's quite a large drop in quality after Twitch sends it to YouTube.

Here's the link to Twitch. Much sharper:

The video is set to private Hatchet.

This session is us mulling over what should do in these things and me consciously saving all my really tasty anecdotes for when we go 'live.'

I've changed it to unlisted now, Higgledy. I hope that works. And it's not that video, since I thought we should watch the special video ourselves before (if?) we decide to release it to the public.