Streamers with jobs

beanman101283 wrote:

It's awkward, for sure. I usually open their stream in a new browser tab ahead of time to avoid any potential ads, then trigger the raid after. You also have to manually end your own stream still.

Yeah this looks like it's going to have to be my workflow for future Raids. Having to end my own stream... wow, that is so bunk!

I think I've just done /raid channelname in the chat, but I don't actually have Twitch open when I stream so I do it through Streamlabs.

Updated and set up that sweet 2FA!

Hello! We have international GWJ day Oct 24-25, and looking for folks interested in streaming for GWJ. You'd get a handy google doc of procedure and a stream key, as well as a link to a scheduler to book your time. If you have time you're interested in streaming for, let me know and we can get you set up.

We also have overlays and welcome screens with our themes you can use, as well