Streamers with jobs

What kind of mic is that? Some mics work best when they are close to your face so a sissor arm is best. It also helps pervent noises pressing keys and mouse buttons from being picked up by the mic.

Samson CO1U USB Condenser mic.

That little stand looks like a nice all in one jobbie, decent for $30.

Whelp, I have finally hit Affiliate status on Twitch, so I guess I really have managed to be a Streamer with a ....oh. Well, 1/2 of the equation ain't bad.

So may as well drop a link here. Highlights (need to go through the latest Smash stream, as well as the Among Us stream I did a few weeks ago), and then some Clips, though some of them don't make any sense (my buddy doesn't even remember clipping the Lost Planet 3 clip, and I never received a notification of my other buddy making a Mario Kart clip. That's just kind of a weird system, isn't it?).

I don't plan on linking here much, but maybe I'll discuss some of the more technical stuff I'm running into. I experimented last night with using OBS to stream via the El Gato capture, and I kind of like that better than streaming via El Gato itself (though video capture through El Gato is still easy enough). Going to be looking into making my own overlay soon as well.

Sadly I still can't hook up my PS4 to the system due to limitations in desk space, so those streams will be cheap amateur looking stuff still.

Of all things to get me into streaming, it was Covid.

So I decided to create my own overlay and try some additional experiments, which ultimately led to swapping from OBS to Streamlabs OBS. It's basically OBS (hurray open source) but with some additional functionality and greater variety in its visual design.

I ran an overlay test yesterday and I'm pretty happy with how it looks. I need to run some technical tweaks (drop stream res to 720p since it can't maintain a stable framerate at 1080p, drop El Gato source volume, add white background to overlay image so chat text is easier to read), but thus far I'm pretty happy with it.

The only downside is that "Preparing" graphic is tied to its own scene, and the transition happens as soon as I move from one scene to the other. So it's nice if I have to do modifications outside of OBS pre-stream, but I'm not sure I can keep that up while actively working on another scene and making tests/adjustments to that.

I've still got to work on making my own Emoticons, special graphics for when someone follows, subscribes, or donates (highly doubt the latter two will get much traction, if any at all), and would like to create artwork for my friends I regularly play Smash and Mario Kart with. You can see a really good example in this streamer's Among Us collaboration where the individual speaker's artwork lights up and even bounces. There's probably some Widget or plug-in that works with Discord, which means the majority of work will be making the cartoon caricatures of my friends, but I feel like it'd be worth it. It looks really nice and I'd like to replicate it if I can.

Unfortunately I don't get to stream as often as I'd like, especially from my computer, so I won't be able to take as much advantage of this overlay as I want. I'm also thinking of other ways to improve it since it relies heavily on a gradient. My graphic design skills are a bit sloppy so I'm thinking of how else I can create pixel-style backgrounds or something else to make it look a bit less boring without being too busy.

Hey everyone, I'm looking for recommendations or guidance on what to look for in a camera when it comes to streaming. There are a lot of models out there at all kinds of price ranges, and Amazon in particular is flooded with brands I've never heard of. At the same time, I don't know if spending $100+ for a Logitech C922 or Razer Kiyo is actually necessary, or if I can get away with spending $30-$50 on something lower end.

The office I'd be streaming from isn't the most well-lit, so something like the Razer Kiyo with the built-in ring light is appealing. I'm also not sure if 1080p resolution is really required if my face is going to be in a small panel to the side of the game source.

Anyway, any and all thoughts/recommendations appreciated.

I actually have the Logitech C922 and absolutely love it. Easy to set up, great pic, versatile as f*ck in OBS. Love it.

The Kiyo's built-in ring light isn't very big. It creates enough of a hot spot that I don't use the light on mine, but it has a pretty good auto-focus. My understanding is that you do want the extra resolution for moments when you want to stop showing the game output, to hide your Friends List or similar, and still have something other than a static image on stream.

There are ways, if you already have them on hand, to use the output from a smartphone or "real" camera or action camera instead, such as purely through software with the Elgato Screen Link or similar, or with hardware like a Cam Link or potentially questionable quality knockoff with an app like Clean Feed. Typically those lenses and sensors blow away the quality of any webcam that you could reasonably obtain.

I was using the C922. It works great but you need good lighting otherwise it will look like crap. When the pandemic started, my wife needed a webcam so I had to give it up. But I got creative and found my Sony Handicam from 10 years ago. With an HDMI capture, it actually works really well. I even get zoom functionality. So I guess the long story short is if you have a video camcorder, consider it, though you would need to get an HDMI capture card.

Thanks for the info everyone!

Kurrelgyre, thanks in particular for the idea/links about smartphone capture. The Screen Link app was too laggy to be useful, but their EpocCam app did the trick. You download the app on your phone, install a webcam driver on your PC, and connect the two via USB (or wifi). Then you just add it to OBS. Pretty painless, though the one trade-off is I had to put iTunes on my PC for the USB connection to work. $8 for the non-watermarked version and higher video quality is worth it to me, and I'll stick with this for the near term.