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Starting a new streaming project of sorts - going through a bunch of old puzzle games. Starting out with Myst. Doing that now.

NSMike wrote:

Starting a new streaming project of sorts - going through a bunch of old puzzle games. Starting out with Myst. Doing that now.

Watched the replay of this today while I was at work. Myst is a real nostalgia trip for me, and I was glad to see what was in the Rocket Ship age finally. I have a terrible sense of sound, so I was never able to get in there. My step-brother beat it with the aid of an electronic guitar tuner, the cheater.

Ha ha! I've heard those tones so many times that I did half of it from memory. The closest to perfect pitch I think I've ever gotten.

Trying to stream Riven was kinda disastrous. Aside from the resolution issues (the thing would monopolize a monitor and I couldn't use OBS in any meaningful way), the game crashed about 20 minutes in, and was nearly impossible to close properly. I somehow managed to do so, but I wrote it off until I could find a better solution.

I looked up some YouTube videos and found someone who ran an XP virtual machine to play the game. So, that's what I'm working on right now. I have a fully functional XP virtual machine with an internet connection, and I'm downloading the installer from GOG right now. I couldn't figure out how to do file transfers to the virtual machine easily, or I would've just copied it there. But this has been a fun, and slightly frustrating, exercise in technological adventures.

I also actually installed Chrome on XP because I figured the ancient version of IE in XP wouldn't be able to handle the GOG site. I wasn't even sure it would work, but it did.

EDIT: Well, nevermind. You need to remote in to get sound because Hyper V doesn't do virtual audio devices. So I figured out how to remote in and use the audio there. But the delay is awful. Not worth trying to stream. So, back to the drawing board.

I have a working solution! Riven stream starting now:

EDIT: And, Riven complete! Thanks to Renji for subscribing.

I'm not 100% sure when I'll stream next, but the next game I'm tackling is Zork: Nemesis.

NSMike wrote:

I'm not 100% sure when I'll stream next, but the next game I'm tackling is Zork: Nemesis.

Without a doubt one of my favorite adventure games of all time, it's left a profound mark on me. I hope you enjoy it.

I played it many years ago. It's by far the darkest entry in the Zork series. I'm curious how much I remember about solving the puzzles in the game. I remember it being super creepy in some places - like the ghostly Conservatory and the abandoned asylum.

I'll probably follow it up with Zork Grand Inquisitor next.

It is indeed pretty dark, with themes revolving around genocide, torture, unethical medical experiments... The asylum creeped the heck out of me as a teen, and to this day, still kinda makes my skin crawl. But there's also a weird beauty in the abandoned temple, a sadness in the deserted conservatory. And Mark Morgan did the soundtrack, too, which is absolutely gorgeous.
ZGI, on the other, embraces the zaniness of the series. And I'll always remember how pleased I was when the Dungeon Master called you AFGNCAAP (Ageless Faceless Gender Neutral Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person). It was so nice to have a game not automatically assume I was male!

Tonally, Nemesis is such a departure from the rest of the series that I am convinced it was originally designed as a different game and someone just shoehorned the Zork references into it to capitalize on the Zork name. Or maybe they were planning on a more "serious" shift for the series that got abandoned by the next game. Either way, despite the name and the occasional Flathead and granola mine reference, I don't really consider it to be part of the series.

Nemesis may have been named Zork to capitalize on the brand, but I think it was always intended to be a Zork game. It simply wasn't an Infocom game, taken on by a different team, and in an Era where the serious, first-person, rendered puzzle adventure game was in its prime. It was smack dab between Myst and Riven, and in a large field of similar titles to emerge in that time period. Maybe it would have been a good thing to emerge as a game in that genre with a sense of humor, but it looks to me like they wanted to milk the formula rather than break the mold.

About to play the first remastered Uncharted at

Starting up Zork: Nemesis!

I'll be playing through the Uncharted games on PS4. I started on Drake's FOrtune today. Here's the first video in the playlist. I'll be tinkering with the volume balance for the game / my voice.

Heading back into Zork Nemesis!

Played some Helldivers with Higgledy and Staats. Is this the fastest mission failure you'll ever see?

The slapstick nature of this game is just genius. NSFW language.

Hey, is this what we do in this thread? Tell folks when we're streaming? Welp, I'm gonna stream some Elite, first time streaming in weeks, now that both my PC and voice are back.

About to play Uncharted Drakes Deception on ps4 at

I finished Zork Nemesis on my last session, and was considering going right into Zork Grand Inquisitor, but I've played it fairly recently... And then I remembered another classic adventure/puzzle game that I hadn't played in a LONG time, and realized I still had the CD.

So, I'm playing Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity!

In like, 2 minutes!

So it's now archived, but I tried to do a live test stream on YouTube. I had my page on open to see if the stream would automatically show up, but it doesn't seem to. Or at least, not by default. So I'm going to have to do some research and figure that out soon, because I'd like to use YouTube for Extra Life, but what makes Twitch so convenient is the one URL you can point people to and the latest stream will automatically pop up.

EDIT: Aaaaand I found it. So I suppose tomorrow I'll be doing another test. Whee!

I bought an Xbox One and tried a Twitch stream. First, the interface is dreadful compared to PS4. Lots of cocking about trying things to get to work and waiting for the app to catch up.

Secondly, the quality of the test stream is poor, even though my recommended quality setting was actually higher than the high setting. And the twitch app said I was 'lagging' even though I had a higher than needed speed.

Any suggestions for a high quality, hassle free streaming experience on the console? I can't believe it's so cumbersome compared to the PS4. Staggering.

I'm about to stream Descent Underground! Yay!


Once again, making my way through Star Trek - The Next Generation: A Final Unity

Hoping to finish off Star Trek - The Next Generation: A Final Unity tonight!

bout to play Uncharted Drakes Deception on ps4 at

About to play Helldivers on PS4 at

About to play Helldivers on PS4 at

So after doing a lot of thinking, research and even running a poll, I'm moving away from Twitch entirely to YouTube streaming, and I'm damned excited about it. I know there are ways to stream to both but bleh, they seem problematic as f*ck.

Maybe when/if Twitch ever implements a full HTML5 video viewer, I'll give 'em another chance, but god damn I hate Flash with the passion of a billion suns.

Anyone else been streaming to YouTube rather than Twitch?

Helldivers is borked so About to play Hrocketeague
on PS4 at