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1Dgaf wrote:

You're the second person to tell me that. Did you try streaming using twitch on PS4 or the Sony software?

Tried to do it through Twitch on the PS4, the minute you click "broadcast gameplay" it just says it isn't available for the application.

Not sure what the Sony Software is though.

I think Sony allows to stream something to their own channels, but I might be mistaken. Interesting that Twitch can block games like that, though.

Anyone know of its OK to post Phantom Pain footage to YT yet, or is it flagged/taken down?


Don't upload videos before release day; got a strike, even though the Ground Zeroes videos were OK.

I've uploaded my Phantom Pain video to YT, but I'm not sure that was wise. I put it on a playlist and while the video says it's processing, the playlist sidebar says it's deleted. It's not showing up as copyright strike (yet), though if you've monetised your channel Konami will claim any revenue.

I hate that copyright law is dumb enough that because some shop was dumb (or smart, because, hey, more business for days before release) and put something up for sale before release date, that the requisite action is to punish the consumer.

Also, f*ck Konami in general anyway, but yeah. Stupid, stupid era we live in with regards to copyright.

I'm just glad they took your video down before you unfairly became a millionaire from it

Total Biscuit had a good observation, which was that unlike other media which is just consumed, people that stream are creating / participating in the game. It's in a different category to other media, since they're 'performing' it to some degree. Maybe the closest analogy would be hip hop if all the artists sampled live.

I'm doing a series called 'I've Never Played' where I load up a game I know nothing about, play it for an hour (or less) and try to understand what it is and talk about what's happening. It's part experience, part critique.

This time I played Ether One.

Phantom Pain now at

Going to get some MGS V on the go:

Link to Twitch

About to play Phantom Pain at

I'm calling on the Goodjer collective, because I'm running out of ideas. No matter what I do, my stream is super choppy. I've checked the recordings locally, and they're fine, very smooth and clear, but it's really bad in the Twitch channel proper.

For starters, I did a SpeedTest, and I think it's pretty okay:

I have a i5-4670K with a GTX 970, 16gig of RAM. I'm using OBS. Encoding settings: x264, max bitrate of 3300 kB/s; buffer size of 4000 kb, CBS padding and custom buffer are enabled. Resolution is downscaled to 2.00 (960*540), 45 FPS. The sound is fine, but the image is really stuttery, and near unwatchable...

Help me Goodjers streams... You're my only hope!

Isn't it simply your upload speed?


If you're using wireless, see if connecting over ethernet might help.

Is that an actual 1 megabyte per second or is it 1mbps? I get 2.25 megabytes per second upload (about 18mbps) and it's good quality, but still a bit blurry in fast movement / lots of detail scenes. Unless you're dealing with games like hearthstone, I'd see if there are any ways to increase your upload. I had to pay more, but it was worth it for me.


Eleima, who's your internet provider? Is it Cable internet? If so, that could have some bearing on it. Have you also tried some different Twitch servers? Sometimes a proxy can also help, I'm told.

Unfortunately, I think 1Dgaf is right.

Mb (as opposed to MB) is megabit, which means you're sitting at ~142 kilobytes/second. According to that thread, and from what I understand, it's just not enough.

(I can sympathize, my ISP has a sh*tty upload, too)

Eleima - I'm at a conference right now so my math may be off, but if your bitrate is ~3,300Kb/s - then you'd need an upload speed of (roughly) 3.3Mb/s to keep up with your stream.

You're showing less than half that on your Speedtest.

I'd start by reducing your bitrate accordingly (I'd start at a bitrate of 1000 - and even that is probably pushing it if you're playing online games, using VoIP, etc). While I know you said you use OBS, one of the things I've liked about XSplit is the bitrate test they have in their Broadcaster software. I don't know if it exists in GameCaster (their free software), but it may be worth exploring to test your uploads.

(If GameCaster doens't support that option, Broadcaster can get a one or two week free trial, should be sufficient to test and troubleshoot upload speeds. . . )

Another thing i do is to use an android app to log into twitch chat on my phone and connect to the internet using my 4g mobile connection.

I doubt the tiny amount of data being sent back and forth would affect the stream much, but I figure it's better not tonuse more.broadband bandwidth than I need to.

Grow Home is quite interesting. Worth downloading on PSN.

Thanks for the feedback, gang. I'm using wifi, but have a recent card and router, and the computer is about 4 meters from the router, so I didn't think it'd be too bad. Will try to pull an Ethernet cable next week and see if that improves things.
Veloxi, my ISP is Bouygues, you're probably not familiar with them, and it's ADSL, not cable. I haven't tried a different server since the Paris server was the closest, being literally in Paris. Maybe it's getting a lot of traffic though. Will try.
Thanks Wolfstar, will try lowering the bitrate. I'd set it lower initially, but all the guides say that you have to have a higher rate to keep up with the stream. But I guess it bottlenecks with the upload speed. =/

FYI, I'll be trialling out YouTube Gaming and streaming Armello starting in a few minutes. Would love to see what you guys thought of the stream! or (since I'm not sure what the new forum's youtube links will do when they shorten things).

Higgledy and me will be streaming Helldivers Super-Earth Ultimate Edition tonight on PS4. On previous streams, viewers have hopped in and played with us - all we've needed is that they've set their chat options to share their voice so it can be heard on the stream anyone watching. If anyone wants to hop in, feel free. You be asked questions about food.

We'll be streaming at about 9pm UK time / 3pm EST.


We had a classic 'death by supply crate' and it wasn't us.

Hd is hard even on easy.

1Dgaf wrote:

Hd is hard even on easy.

Fixed video embed.

There is some nsfw language from that Higgledy guy.

The game gets exponentially more chaotic as it goes along. If you wonder why I'm not firing, it's because I haven't that remembered I need to reload. I will eventually.

Thanks Mike.

Helldivers is a game that makes me wish I had a PS4.

Not getting one for just that game, obviously, but I should look into borrowing one from a friend or something.

The game is a prime candidate for being ported. I'm sure it will be.

I just keep wondering what the sequel will be like .

About to stream Phantom Pain at