ABZÛ – Catch All

ABZÛ is coming out soon so we might as well have a catch all! I plan on getting it on PC so I can waste hours and hours taking in-game photographs with Nvidia's upcoming Ansel in-game-photography tech.

This was previously the Giant Squid Studios catch all with the following original post:

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

Matthew Nava, previously the art director for That Game Company, started a new game development studio called Giant Squid. Considering that he put together The Art of Journey book (of which I have a signed copy), I figured a catch all would be in order. I expect great things! Apparently the first game they are working on will end up being scored by Austin Wintory. I have to say, the website is about the prettiest thing I've seen in awhile. I heard about this via Joystiq.

Look at that awesome logo:


I won't judge your excitement over a gamedev studio (you made a thread!), but I have to question the praise you give the website. It's nice and simple, but that's it. I like pretty games, hope he can make good ones, too.

I totally deserve some judging. It just appeals to my love of marine biology and minimalism. Something about the graphic design just hits that sweet spot of awesome for me. At any rate, I pretty much just expect this thread to lie dormant until there is some actual news. I just wanted something to be available for when that happens.

TuffaloBuffalo wrote:

Something about the graphic design just hits that sweet spot of awesome for me.

Must be the logo...

I don't know, it makes me kind of nervous for some reason. Wait a minute...


Greyjoy, you iron-blooded bastard!

I thought I started a thread for this way back when! Lots more footage of ABZÛ coming out and I'm guessing more info will be dumped next week at E3.

Old Teaser:

Pre-E3 2016 Demo and writeup at Polygon

I'm really looking forward to this game because I've done a fair amount of diving and this seems to capture the feeling you get doing that as best as you can in a video game. I guess we might as well make this the ABZÛ catch-all.

New trailer! It comes out August 2nd.

Yeah, I'm all over that.

This looks gorgeous.

They do majestic environments like few other developers. That looks phenomenal.