Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Catch-All


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Noticed some conversations were continuing on the announcement thread but thought I'd post my first Catch-All thread. Enjoy!

Well, since the other thread for this game was started by Rat Boy, which means it won't get a proper thread title change, I'm going to post this here:

Revengeance is getting a release on PC.


garion333 wrote:

Revengeance is getting a release on PC.

Biggest question: will it require Kinect for PC?

As long as I can be Raiden del Mexican.

The game's been solid but it suffers from overly drawn out annoying final boss syndrome.

This was a really great beat 'em up/brawler game, DLC was a hoot, too!

I picked this up on the Steam sale, and the first 15 minutes were some of the most insane moments I've ever seen in a video game!