Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Catch-All


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Noticed some conversations were continuing on the announcement thread but thought I'd post my first Catch-All thread. Enjoy!

Well, since the other thread for this game was started by Rat Boy, which means it won't get a proper thread title change, I'm going to post this here:

Revengeance is getting a release on PC.


garion333 wrote:

Revengeance is getting a release on PC.

Biggest question: will it require Kinect for PC?

As long as I can be Raiden del Mexican.

The game's been solid but it suffers from overly drawn out annoying final boss syndrome.

This was a really great beat 'em up/brawler game, DLC was a hoot, too!

I picked this up on the Steam sale, and the first 15 minutes were some of the most insane moments I've ever seen in a video game!

Boy, this game didn't gather much of a following here eh?

I was a bit sour on the demo as the mechanics skew in some meaningful ways from other Platinum games, but over the course of the game it's grown on me. I'm at the last boss now. It's harder than most games in the genre, so I've gotten stuck on bosses a couple times.

I liked it a lot until the last boss. Generally I don't let tough spots in games make me quit, but I found it really frustrating. But then again, I'm. MGS fanboy so I was bound to like it no matter what.

It's on my "eventually" list of things to buy. For some reason it's a Platinum game I'm not too entranced with, but that's largely because I don't like MG games.

I love the heck out of it. Especially after playing Bloodborne. The aggressive fighting style feels similar - to me at least.

Also, sweet baby jeebus this is a cosplay for the ages.