It sure is lonely in Mountain Standard Time!

One of the things I've always wanted to be able to do with Goodjers is to get some great co-op or multiplayer gameplay in. While I have been lucky enough to get to play with many of you (in particular the TF2 group!) I have noticed that an awful lot of you seem to live on the East coast. This makes me sad because living in Alberta and having a family has restricted my game time to evenings, usually sometime after 8-9pm. By this time most of the east coasters have headed off to slumber.

Are there any other west coast gamers out there who would like to get together some game time?? I'm primarily on PC and play FPS and some F2P MMOs (DDO, DCUO and the like)...

I am Mountain time for a short while longer, then off to Central time in a few months

I don't usually have any issues though, as I usually play any games with GWJ folk on Fridays and Saturdays. There is usually someone on Steam until the wee hours of the morning, at least on the weekends.

I'm likewise MTN time, but I really only play on PS3.

When I was in FFXI, I had the misfortune to end up in a bunch of Eastern TZ-heavy groups. And while everyone bailing at 10 PM because it was allegedly super late was a bit annoying, by far worse was the endgame crew that insisted 7-10 pm was the optimal time for our runs, since that was 5-8 by my reckoning.

I'm on MST too, so hit me up on steam if you want to play.

I'm a Mountain Time person and 8-9 pm is too late for me to start. I am playing on Saturdays and Sundays though!

I'm on work at home time, so I'm sure I could get in on some kind of game. I haven't had a lot of luck in general getting play sessions in with GWJ people. :/

Mountain solidarity bump! My schedule is flexible and easy so I like being able to hookup with easties and get my fix in during a reasonable hour to unwind after. I can't game until bed without having an over-stimulated CNS.

If we get enough people, perhaps we could have a MST GWJ group set up? My steam id is Valmorian [GWJ], so any of you who want add me please!

Don't discount us in the PST zone. We're up later than you are. See Steam link below.

Take up Fantasy Grounds, or NWN / NWN2. All I could find were CST and MST groups.

Your time zone is bad and you should feel bad!

I'm in MST with ya! Just down the road, in Red Deer.

I don't usually get to play without interruptions (kids) until 9:30ish, but by that time I usually just play single player or maybe Minecraft multiplayer.

Add me on Steam though, link in the sig! It's good to have peeps in the same timezone

Also: Don't listen to Quintin Stone. He's the worst.

I'm showing up so late to the party that the thread has to be renamed "Mountain Daylight Time." But, anyway, just showing up to represent the MDT from Denver, and especially to commiserate about TF2. By the time I get to the GWJ private all the fun has been had.

I'm always surprised to see the west coast TF2 folks bail when the east coasters start to dwindle. I'm always down to troll some TF2 pub servers if I see anyone on. I generally only get to play at the regular game times if I head straight home from work and skip dinner.

I think it's because there's just not as many of us. But I've been jumping over to Guildwars 2 after the TF2 group disbands, generally..