WTF - My games' maximum resolution has shrunk.

I was playing Dead Space 2 today and thought that things looked a little crappy - but I thought it was no big deal because it's a semi-older game. The maximum resolution was 1280.

However, I pulled up WoW and the maximum resolution is also 1280, which I know has not always been the case.

The drivers for my graphics card are fine. My desktop resolution is 1680x1050. Everything else looks fine when I browse online, watch a YouTube video, etc.

What gives?

Assuming you're running XP/Vista/7/8, I'd try a system restore first. I've had apps suddenly go bonkers and refuse to change resolution/black screen/etc. If that doesn't help, re-install the graphics driver. I've had rare instances where an app would get auto-magically "locked" to a resolution, and uninstalling/re-installing the graphics driver would take care of it (make sure to reboot after uninstalling the driver).

You may also want to look at your monitor entry in device manager to make sure it's not reporting something bizarre.