Marvel Heroes - Catch All

Gazillion wrote:

We've granted 1000 Gs on PC for all players, and will do so daily. All items should now be 50Gs.

This is the best current solution we have with limited resources and technical limitations of the PC, and wanted to make sure this got out to you. Due to technical limitations on PC, we cannot make all store items available for Eternity Splinters (and can't do this without a patch, either). There is also inventory technical game-breaking issues if we make everything available for 0 or 1G. Currently all prices are reduced to 50 Gs while each day you log in you will receive 1000 Gs. Game on.

So if there was anyone you wanted to play but never got around to, now's the time. To get the 1st batch you've got to log in, log out, then log back in.

They should take the opportunity to have Squirrel Girl or Deadpool defeat everyone.

I've been enjoying the PS4 version lately. Kinda sad to see it go.

Bummed about this and don't really have much time to play right now It was always my go to when I had a few minutes to kill and needed to relieve some stress by whomping on bad guys.

What happened to the free Gs?

I got 3,000 and then I got none yesterday or today.

Picked up all the heroes and costumes I wanted, but thought I might get some team ups.

Sorry for the caps, just pasting the headline:

Ugh... those poor devs. I know a lot of players are upset, but to be laid off the day before Thanksgiving with no PTO, no severance, and insurance running out in a week...
This industry really is a meat-grinder sometimes, isn't it?

Well sh*t. Really wanted to finish off a few heroes.

And yes that sucks for Gaz.

That’s a really sh*tty way to end the game. Gaz seemed to be a good free-to-play developer, but it’s actions this month have been horrible.