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One cool +, it looks like anything in the store may be droppable as rare drops in game.

I got a fortune card in a small area with 4 orange mobs. It gave me a rarity boost consumable. Also just found another rarity boost comsumable on it's own. Saving those for end game content tho.

I'm wondering when, if ever, I will use my xp boosts. They already seem to have some rested xp bonus, per character, and with 6 characters (got a Thing drop at end of tutorial), I don't see how I won't always have someone earning extra xp.

Yeah, at least the rarity boosts I can see using at max level.

Oh and speaking of character drops, I saw someone in zone chat last night make an interesting point. They said when you get a character drop, you could buy the character from the store, then use the drop to unlock the ultimate power at level 1. Didn't really make that connection, but I guess that would be pretty cool. Forgot that that is how the ultimate unlocks, and makes me wonder how I'm going to lock it on my pre-bought Avengers?

Fuzzball and I are teamed and in vent. You should come join us. Already up to lowtown and level 12 or so though.

I haven't been able to log in today. It says invalid username or password, although I can login on the site. I bought a $20 pack and thought I could get in this weekend, but I guess not?

Well, whenever I can get in, I'll look for you guys.

Stele wrote:

Fuzzball and I are teamed and in vent. You should come join us. Already up to lowtown and level 12 or so though.

I just got to Lowtown a few minutes ago. Going to take a break. Can you guys post your in game names to friend up. I'm SpyNavy.

Javamancer wrote:

I haven't been able to log in today. It says invalid username or password, although I can login on the site. I bought a $20 pack and thought I could get in this weekend, but I guess not?

Well, whenever I can get in, I'll look for you guys.

Tomorrow for Starter packs.

SpyNavy wrote:
Stele wrote:

Fuzzball and I are teamed and in vent. You should come join us. Already up to lowtown and level 12 or so though.

I just got to Lowtown a few minutes ago. Going to take a break. Can you guys post your in game names to friend up. I'm SpyNavy.


Also seen in-game:

And JohnnyMoJo

IGN: Fuzzballx

I'm running into a maddening bug or feature, not sure.

I'm getting a lot of blue items that just will NOT go into the upgrade to epic recipes...waht gives...they are the proper levels, and i'm even trying them in the other levels of the recipe to be go...will not go in recipe.

Hm... are they for the character you are playing? I haven't had any trouble, but haven't tried it on other hero recipes.

Although I thought about it... upgrade blue to purple, then convert purple to what I'm playing... seems like it would be nice.

Aw man, missed it by 10 min... can't login.

We will be putting part of into maintenance at 8PM PDT (in 20m) for up to an hour for maintenance. Game won't be affected.

This will include the profile area, login, Founders Program store and Forums. Apologies for the late notice.

I'm In! Javamancer

Javamancer wrote:

I'm In! Javamancer

We're hanging out in Vent.

Damn close to level 30 deadpool as i log off tonight.

Leveled (played) him hard over the weekend as i'm planning to mostly play PoE when the new 4 month leagues launch on June 8th.

But, i wanna do endgame content in marvel with our supergroup once it can be created and more folks are level 26+ and into the endgame maps/challenges etc.

Hope some folks desire to do that a night or two a week at least:)

Meanwhile imma do the dailies for free fortune cards etc:)

So Magneto killed me in less than 2 minutes. I was level 19, now 20, so I'll give him another go.

Yeah he's doing that to everyone, apparently some bugged attacks in that fight.

Thankfully Fuzzball came in with his 22 and helped me mow over him.

Rainsmercy wrote:

So Magneto killed me in less than 2 minutes. I was level 19, now 20, so I'll give him another go.

Better than the 4 seconds i lasted when i got there 1st time at level 18:) But then i still had some crapply level 8 and 9 gear on due to the crafting bug. I farmed till 22 and better gear and went back to beat him. Getting to him in the Avenger's Tower maps was almost as bad at 27. Back at 29 with better and beat him again. He's one tough dude.

I did find out that the "recommended level" for Striker's area is 19 to start it. The game told me so when i reset the quest progression back tot he beginning of Striker's area while i was level 18 and had already cleared to the boss. No wonder it had gone so slow with several was especially difficult because until around level 18 i wasn't finding gear drops above the level 10-12 range and level 10-12 gear seems to be bugged out so that the upgrade blue to purple recipe doesn't work.

Anyhow, there's a color code in the top right of mobs health bars at the top of the screen.

Grey = too low, move up.
Green = this is what you're supposed to be fighting, it's appropriate level content
Orange = above your level, very challenging, you'll go slower and gain exp slower probably.
Red = go back, yer wasting yer time.

End game maps are balanced so that the first couple appear green at level 26. By 29, the majority of the avenger's tower green terminal missions show green, but a couple are still orange.

Red Terminal missions (require cosmic key) are bloody hard. I really highly recommend you do not go in to these solo, if the boss has a healing affix you will have wasted your key and will not be able to kill it unless you have a full party of appropriate level players with decent gear.

I tried a couple cosmic key missions, one i beat (taskmaster boss) but only by playing the fight mechanics over a really long fight. He was capable of one shotting me with his shield throw and did so twice before i got the dodging down. The second one i got a doc octopus with two healing affixes. Needless to say, i failed to dent his life bar and gave up.

Cosmic keys are reported to drop on average maybe 1 in 12 or so green terminal missions. So you could get lucky and get a bunch or never see

You can get two free fortune cards a day by doing 8 unique daily missions in the avenger's tower, i dunno yet if you can get more by doing other area's missions too or if it's a global quest chain for max 2 a day. You get 1 for 3 completed bosses and the 2nd for 5 more completed bosses a day.

Ok, so I've barely followed this game at all but I now am suddenly interested. A couple questions:

1) I know all of you playing currently have bought packs of some sort. Without the packs and without spending any money on the game, how much am I going to get out of it? I'm looking over at Neverwinter and some guildies saying it is the "most expensive F2P they have ever played". Somewhat joking but also somewhat serious. Bag space, bank space, etc ... adds up very quickly.

2) I assume you get certain characters (heroes?) to play. How much is it to unlock others and how necessary is it? I'm not a huge comic book fan so don't really have a favorite but just curious if the f2p characters will be gimped.

3) End game talk already? Going back to Neverwinter, getting to top level was amazing. The problem is that once you got to the top (which really took a lot less time than it should have) there was nothing to do. 2 different 5v5 PVP maps, dungeons you had done already, and the Foundry user created missions. Everything is pretty much group oriented. In a game like World of Warcraft there's a ton to do group or solo. I'm concerned about the end-game here and how much playability it has.

You choose one of 5 starter heroes when you login. And finishing the tutorial should give you a drop for one of the other 4. And then finishing the game story should give you one of the remaining 3.

Thing, Hawkeye, Storm, Scarlet Witch, and Daredevil are the choices.

Probably have to buy crafting storage at a minimum. $1 or $2 for that slot in your bank (S.T.A.S.H.).

Not sure on the hero prices. I'm still working on the ones I bough and haven't shopped for extras yet.

Heroes and costumes do drop in-game too, so I think the F2P aspect will be less noticeable than it is in Neverwinter.

DeThroned wrote:

I'm not a huge comic book fan so don't really have a favorite but just curious if the f2p characters will be gimped

The starter heroes are pretty strong. They're certainly not gimped in any way. They're just the free heroes because they're generally less popular with the fans.

Yeah come on they give you an Avenger to start, for free.

Ok it's Hawkeye, but...

Stele wrote:

Yeah come on they give you an Avenger to start, for free.

Ok it's Hawkeye, but...

To quote Patton Oswalt, "I’m sorry but Hawkeye and Black Widow are not first-tier."

Character costs vary from $6 to $20 depending on character.

Inventory pages seem to average a few $, but you can get away with just buying 1 crafting page for a couple dollars. You will need 1 crafting page though as a minimum stash expansion.

The starter characters can be just fine for the entire game, they're not gimped compared to $20 characters. I honestly think it just charges more for characters the devs feel will be more popular.

Think Iron Man @ 20 bucks vs Scarlet Witch at $6 and a starter character option kind of price settings.

Characters can and do drop in game....but VERY RARELY. In leveling to level 29.8 so far, i've seen zero drops and others have posted on the forums they've played more than i have and seen none.

It seems folks are considered lucky if they get a character drop in 30 levels of play.

Chances for character drops are higher in end game content tho and daily missions in end game content give a higher drop quality/rate on first kill each day.

Cosmic key daily missions give an even higher drop rate from the boss.

Group Challenge dailies give an even HIGHER rate of drop/quality.

Group Challenges are basically 5 man Raid content. They are really huge and supposedly really tough for their level.

There are 3 full tiers of end game content. Avengers Tower would be Tier1, xavier's School would be Tier 2 and Heli Carrier would be Tier 3.

This is pretty much all taken right off the in game help page.

As to already being at "end game" I only got to the first bits of end game content it looks like. Tho i'm not sure if it just repeats on harder difficulty or not in later difficulties. And, to get there, I played a royal crap ton over the weekend (read, the entire weekend except for some sleep and food) and i used all 6 of my premium pack's 1 hr exp boosts and about 6 more exp boosts i bought with my in game cash from the premium pack. They're 150 Gs ea and my premo pack gave me 8k g's. G's are 100= $1. That's how i ended up at almost level 30 this weekend. Note level 30 is NOT the level cap. It's apparently much higher than that, but i have no idea what it actually is.

I highly recommend buying a $60 pack today before they go off sale if you're really interested, the value compared to buying it post launch is obscenely good.

founders packs will no longer be available after today from what i've read!!!

Highly recommend if you really are interested. It's a GOOD deal compared to normal prices, by a long shot.

Kehama wrote:
Stele wrote:

Yeah come on they give you an Avenger to start, for free.

Ok it's Hawkeye, but...

To quote Patton Oswalt, "I’m sorry but Hawkeye and Black Widow are not first-tier."

From what i've heard Hawkeye really amps up in the 20s and is fine.

But's hawkeye, what's he gonna do when his quiver is empty, throw his bow?

At least black widow can get all punchy kicky:P\

And hey if you just wanna be uber, try storm as a free pick. She apparently is in a really good spot right now.

For months I have eyed the founders packs and just can't pull the triggers. I got my wife the Ms. Marvel starter pack but for me not one of them is a must buy for me. I like being big melee tanks and with Thing as a starter character I can't convince myself to spend money on Hulk or Colossus. Anybody want to tell me the flaw in my plan?

I tried the Hulk in beta and loved him but the Thing was just about as good I felt.

Hulk might be the best character in game.

At least in beta he was mad overpowered. Toned down some but still feeling pretty strong.

So the best pack to get should be based on the characters you want to play?

Edit: Bought the hulk pack. Couldn't resist, he looked like the most fun from the videos I watched. I could have gone with a 4 hero pack but I don't play alts much. The $55 in funny money + 1 hero I figured was better than $30 and 4 heroes. When I decide on an alt I can just buy which one I want rather than what's given to me in a a pack.

Hulk really picks it up at 18. Earthquake power added to jump and then I just jump everywhere.

Patch notes

Content Additions

As compensation for temporarily disabling Mighty Smash through excessive spirit cost, Hulk’s Power Points have been reset. You will need to re-spend power points.
The Cinematics button on the Login screen has been enabled for your viewing pleasure! Click this button to watch all four episodes of the Chronicles of Doom, the prequel story for Marvel Heroes, which lead directly into the epic opening cinematic.

Content Changes

UI Changes:

The look and feel for the Experience Bar has been simplified, so that it will display in one of two colors - blue if earning rested experience, and yellow if earning normal experience. The edges of the bars are now vertical lines to make it easier to determine your amount of experience at a glance.

Endgame and PVP Changes:

Changed the rarity of certain boss affixes in endgame.
Rewards found in endgame activities have been changed to give more beneficial rewards when working with several other players.
Increased PvP damage for all players.

Item Changes:

Doom Medal: Fear duration reduced to 3 seconds.

Mission Changes:

Changed display text on mission objectives to reference Kingpin's Warehouse, instead of Blood Rose Nightclub, to match name on waypoint terminal.

Boss Changes

Increased Doctor Doom’s health during phase 1 of his fight.

Hero Changes


Club Sweep: Damage scaling increased, damage synergy percentage decreased. Now deals double damage to slowed targets in addition to knocking them down.
Evasive Kick: Damage synergy percentage increased.
Knockback Kick: Damage synergy percentage increased.
Opening Lunge: Damage synergy percentage increased.
Radar Ping: Buff/debuff duration increased.
Rebounding Club: Damage synergy percentage increased.
Relentless Justice: Now adds some light resistance against forced movement (knock back, knock down, etc).
Restorative Trance: Healing reduced slightly. Now removes all defenses while channeling.
Swinging Assault: Damage synergy percentage increased. Now deals double damage to knocked down targets in addition to stunning them.
Taser Club: Now knocks down foes, in order to better combine with other powers.
Triple Strike: Damage synergy percentage increased.


Arctic Blizzard: Added area duration synergy from Freezing Tempest and Crashing Hail. Slow synergy with Freezing Tempest.
Ball Lightning: Added damage synergies from Thundering Bolt and Chain Lightning. Slight increase in base damage.
Buffeting Zephyr: Updated synergy from Sudden Tornado. Minor increase in base damage. Cost reduced
Chain Lightning: Damage synergies from Thundering Bolt and Ball Lightning. Slight increase in damage scaling
Crashing Hail: Minor damage scaling increase. Area duration synergy from Freezing Tempest and Arctic Blizzard.
Elusive Blast: Base and scaling damage increase. Now only slows move speed. Slow synergy from Thundering Tempest.
Freezing Tempest: Minor cost decrease. Area duration synergy from Arctic Blizzard and Crashing Hail, slow synergy from Elusive Blast.
Goddess of Weather: Duration increased. Area and damage per strike increased.
Gusting Tempest: Minor cost decrease. Area duration synergy from Refreshing Breeze and Quickening Tempest.
Lightning Bolt: Increase damage scaling slightly.
Lightning Column: Move some damage out of the base and into scaling.
Lightning Rush: Damage synergy from Sirocco Rush.
Lightning Storm: Damage synergy from Thundering Tempest.
Quickening Tempest: Minor cost decrease. Area duration synergy from Gusting Tempest and Refreshing Breeze; tweak move speed and dodge bonuses.
Refreshing Breeze: Defense buff scaling. Buff duration synergy from Gusting Tempest and Quickening Tempest.
Sirocco Rush: Stun duration synergy from Lightning Rush.
Stunning Bolt: Increase damage scaling slightly.
Sudden Tornado: Updated synergy from Buffeting Zephyr. Minor increase in base damage. Cost reduced.
Thundering Bolt: Damage synergies from Chain Lightning and Ball Lightning.
Thundering Tempest: Cost decreased. Slow synergy from Arctic Blizzard. Damage synergy from Lightning Storm.

Misc Changes

Rested experience gains have been changed to be more consistent across different levels.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where players using missile powers (and a few other powers like Rocket Raccoon’s turrets) frequently failed to be awarded the proper experience when playing with others nearby.
Experience is now scaled from your level and the level of the mission. This will remove unintended power leveling of low level players guided by a high level party. This fix was needed for missions only, as mobs and bosses were already working as intended.
Added a fix that prevents artifacts that don't provide a costume visual effect from being used in the ‘Add Visuals to Costume’ crafting recipe.
Fixed an issue where party member arrows would not show up when party members are very far apart.
After switching to a new hero for the first time, resetting your progress via the UI pop-up now works correctly.
Yellow arrow now functioning for Smash HYDRA! Mission.
Fixed an issue where loading screen SFX would continue after loading into an area.
Fixed the Intelligence Stat level 1 tooltip to display the correct value of -15% experience gain instead of -20%.
Fixed various issues where clicking on an NPC would bring up a UI and the mouse would auto-click something in that UI unintentionally.
Fixed a bug where you could get into a state where you could not Story Warp back to the Raft.
Enemies associated with discovery missions no longer are stuck in inappropriate actions some times.
Discovery missions in Mutate Caves will now respawn as intended.
Fixed a bug where the lowest level gear upgrade recipes went from level 1-9 instead of 1-12.
Artifact Visual Effect orbs will now be evenly spaced around the player.
Fixed an issue where Med Kits would not always stack.
Fixed issue where certain mob visual effects would get stuck on the ground.
The buildings in ‘Mutant Town : Projects” now occlude properly.

Boss Fixes:

Bullseye's Mark For Death will no longer target turrets or other summoned entities. Bullseye will also no longer interrupt Mark For Death by switching to a different target.
Portal will now spawn as intended when defeating MODOK.
Fixed a bug where Shocker would stop attacking.
Rhino's charging ability will be perform more reliably and accurately.
Doctor Doom's Death From Above attack now plays visual effects in the correct location.
Fixed an issue where Doctor Doom’s phase 2 appearance disappeared.

Hero/Power Fixes

Fixed FX for some powers (AOEs, including a lot of melee attacks) occasionally not playing when they kill an enemy.
Black Widow: Tooltip fixed to properly display number of microdrones fired.
Captain America: Combat Veteran now works properly.
Cyclops: Basic powers synergy now works consistently.
Deadpool: Fixed damage values in Stink Bomb's tooltip.
Deadpool: Removed duplicate next rank tooltip from Armor Buster power.
Deadpool: Shoot All the Bullets now properly receives extra damage from synergy.
Hulk: Mighty Smash now works properly.
Ms Marvel: Crashdown Strike now has knock down duration on tooltip.
Ms Marvel: Stellar Flare can now be slotted on the right mouse button.
Ms Marvel: Stellar Flare now has knock down duration on tooltip.
Rocket Raccoon: Blaster Turret attack speed has been increased.
Fixed an issue where slow powers would not slow.
Fixed powers getting "stuck on" if you put the same power in the power bar twice.
Fixed a case where you could get a power failing to activate on the server by spamming it repeatedly. The power would run on player’s client, but would not properly work on the server, thus it appears that the power did not work. Characters like Hulk and Colossus are examples of heroes that were affected by this.

Known Major Issues

Guild functionality is currently disabled, and War Machine has been temporarily removed from the game. This functionality will be re-enabled as soon as possible.
French and German localization is almost, but not entirely complete; some English text may be found.
Store icon for Spider-Man displays an incorrect costume; Spider-Man comes equipped with his Modern costume, not the Classic costume shown.
Powers that deal damage over time currently cannot score critical hits.
After being defeated by Pyro, there is a chance that players will be brought back to Xavier’s School rather than the beginning of the instance where Pyro is found.
Cars may not respawn in city environments.
Defeating the Green Goblin on the Raft will give you a hero token even if you have all of the Starter Heroes; this is not the final design.
Elite and Champion Mobs do not have the correct health.
Many Damage Over Time powers show a much higher damage in their tooltip than they deal.


Sound may be lost intermittently after changing locations.
Rapid fire powers may erroneously stack sound effects.


Find Agent Baker: Agent Baker does not spawn, so mission cannot be completed.
Some ‘Discovery’ missions may not trigger correctly.

UI And In-Game Store:

Cinematics button on the log-in screen has two extra cinematics listed. Should only show Chronicles Of Doom and Game Opener.
Red Mission Arrows do not trigger until getting extremely close to the appropriate mission objective.
Clicking on a vendor may not send your hero directly to them.

Endgame – Daily Missions:

Avenger’s Mansion:
o Green Daily – Castle Doom – Mini Map appears to be unpopulated and shows nothing.
o Red Daily – Abandoned Subway - Shocker's AI intermittently stops working. He won't attack, but he'll turn to face you.

Xavier’s School/SHIELD Helicarrier:
o Green Daily – Castle Doom – Doctor Doom’s number of affixes change depending on his form rather than staying constant as intended.
o Green Daily – Castle Doom - Doctor Doom’s number of affixes change depending on his form rather than staying constant as intended.


Bloodstone Lion: Visual effects appear incorrectly.
Green Goblin Medal: Green Goblin Medal poison cloud is invisible.

Some emotes are not working for Cable, Deadpool.
Flight powers can get locked when flying over food trucks.

Black Widow

Acrobatic Assault: This power can miss if the enemy is running towards you.

Black Panther

Some gear icons are black silhouettes – gear can still be equipped.

Captain America

Aggressive Shout: The power has both a 10 second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) buff. Only one of them is shown.
Invigorating Shout: The power has a 10-second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) effect, but it does not show either of them. Health regeneration does not show up on character sheet


Searing Shot: Visual Effects when hitting enemy are not seen.
Cable currently does not gain any stat points from leveling up.


Lingering Boon: Tooltip is incorrect. Each rank actually extends aura duration by 2 seconds.

Rocket Raccoon

Forceful Shot: Power unlocks at level 12 and should unlock at level 10.
Tactical Destruction: Tooltip does not correctly display bonus damage from shield cost.


Evasive Websling: If there is no enemy targeted, power will land in incorrect location.


Yancy Street Taunt: Can be used repeatedly without costing spirit after the initial spirit consumption.


Regeneration Boost: Tooltip is incorrect. Power does not spend Fury to gain health faster as described.
Smell Weakness: Damage vulnerability is causing the enemy to take less damage rather than more.
Character sheet does not reflect health regeneration from Healing Factor (but displays resistances from passive powers).