A Valley Without Wind 1&2 Catch-all

That would be neat. The art style isn't BAD bad but it's certainly weird to look at. Kind of disjointed. Having a consistent terraria pixel look to it would be lovely though.


Starving. Yup.

Can anyone tell me where the game stores its savegames? If I can try out the demo and then move onto the retail version later without moving saves I would go ahead and try it now instead of waiting.

I'm relatively sure it saves them in the same place.

In some of Strangeblade's screenshots he has this tooltip that shows strengths and weaknesses of each monster as text. How do I get this? Right now I only see these as little icons, and ONLY after I hit something. It makes it really hard to adjust my skills on the fly.

You need to pause the game and hover your cursor over enemies.

So I played a bit of this back in the beta, didn't like it. Played the release version, didn't click with it then either. Last night I was reminded I owned it thanks to seeing on Steam, so I let it download and install 18 patches, and then...lost over an hour to the game. It felt so much more polished, more focused, more FUN. When I got to the settlement, it felt like there was stuff to accomplish (thanks to the nifty planning thingy) and the main continent map had MISSIONS on it. Oh, how I live for actual missions in games like this, they are the string of cheese that keeps me going.

So yeah, totally gonna be playing this more, and wonderfully surprised as to how far it has come since I played it so long ago, it seems. It's like discovering a whole new awesome game you didn't know you had. Yay!

Yup. Should be interesting to see where the game is in 6 months.

Wrong thread!!

Anyway, yeah, if it keeps going at this pace, it'll be AMAZING.

New (not final) art style:


Blog post.

While I liked a lot of the artwork Chris originally did this new stuff looks much more like a game. If that makes sense.

It does, and I agree. Me likey!

To be honest the old style looks like bad clipart. Which it essentially is. This has a consistent style.

Steam will now accept your keys if you purchased directly from Arcen.


Oh wow, I didn't see that art overhaul above. That is a much nicer style that the existing one. Once that comes out, I might give the game another go. It seemed neat, just... unfinished and lacking polish.

The current art is certainly.....different. I appreciate it for its uniqueness and it gives the game a definite feeling.....


yeah...that art looks much more "gamey" and appealing. I hate to say I'll be likely to more time into this deep and pretty awesome game because of the art but I guess I'm shallow because that art overhaul is likely to suck me in for another 20 hours or so.

This really is an awesome game but starting out it can be pretty inscrutable.

What I like most about the game is how it manages to keep throwing new stuff at you that truly mixes up the way the game works.

You have passed milestone X! You can double jump now

For those who are interested, Arcen officially announced Shattered Haven at PAX.

Kind of a weird video, but the music is fantastic. Beta late this month and they're shooting for a release by the end of the year.

Screenshot: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ZFruP2H1Jc...

So, the art redesign has turned into a full fledged and free sequel: http://christophermpark.blogspot.com...

Basically they're making the game they meant to originally instead of cramming as many systems in the game as possible. Much less Frankenstein-like and more like a proper Metroidvania game. Many smarter design decisions it seems.

Alpha footage of the sequel.

Some delicious words from RPS.

Thanks, too busy with a new job to stay on top of everything.

Valley Without Wind 2 now on Steam. Trailer, shots but no download button yet.

I thought the beta was on Steam. No go?

Hmmm. No beta or install button yet on the Steam page. It says I already own the game thanks to my previous purchase.

Yup. I couldn't find an open beta thingie on their company website. There is a beta but it's probably closed right now.

It's listed for me. Installing now.

SB, you probably need to allow Steam to show betas. That or they know you aren't going to stop playing Hotline Miami anyway.

garion333 wrote:

It's listed for me. Installing now.

SB, you probably need to allow Steam to show betas. That or they know you aren't going to stop playing Hotline Miami anyway.

Woop. You're right. It was in my library. Downloading now. I wonder how similar it is to Hotline Miami. What do you Hotline Miami? Hotlime Miami? Yup. Hotline Miami.

Sequel is out next week on the 18th. Not that a 1.0 release means all that much for an Arcen game.

I've been chipping away at AVWW 1, I figured that I should at least defeat my first overlord before I call it quits. Definitely feeling the grind though.