Alpha Centauri Alien Crossfire PBEM

Man. I remember my love of the Pirates...right up until the land lubbers explode with all the things they can do in their city limits, and then trying to assault them.

Whenever you are ready, I'm in!

Bursaar wrote:

Ouch, that's awful! It hasn't happened to me - are you using Dropbox or anything like that?

You mean dosbox? Anyway I'm using the gog version. I'm not sure what they are using to get it to run. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Question: how are factions determined in a PbEM game?

athros wrote:

Question: how are factions determined in a PbEM game?

People need to place dibs on them at the beginning when the play order is determined, before the game itself is created. I'm not loving PBeM tbh, I think a big TCP/IP game is the only way forward, or at least if you're going to do PBeM you'll need everyone in the same timezone.

Late to the game I know but hey! Is this still happening?

I wish

Damn, this game is just too good to not play!

Is there anybody up for a PBEM game?

I'm up for it if you don't mind a really slow game, I'm not on the computer much at the moment but still keen