anybody else play this game? I got it during the steam sale a year ago and I cant put it down
I love the fact that...
1) You dont have to empty your clip to kill some one, like bf3 on hardcore. One good shot and its a kill
2) The music is awesome and the sfx are great
3) The amount of detail and research the devs did to make this game is amazing

I am impressed by this game and was too lazy to search this forum for any other RO2 results the mmb to under hand throw a grenade. ( took a year to figure that out ).

new to the forums and glad to meet and hear from you guys!

Joining and saying right off the bat "was too lazy to search for other results" is perhaps not the best route.

Also, I knew, or at least think I know, what game you're talking about, but it would have been very helpful to some I'm sure to actually type out the name of the game at least once...

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