TERA Online (Now Free to Play) - Catch All


Wow, not much activity in this thread I got some pack for free (Some Intel gaming club thing I signed up for, I have no idea!) so figured I would load it up. It had 2 weeks of elite status, a mount, and $10 to spend in the en masse store. Last time I had played was somewhere around 2013 - 2014.

I managed to gain a few levels, had a bank full of stuff that I couldn't use anymore as the description basically said "This is no longer useful, sell it to a vendor for gold", and made a ton of money that way.

The graphics are reasonable and I figure I may put in a couple weeks just for something different to try out.

I popped back in to try the XB release after having max'd out in PC back in time; on that platform it shows its age these days and the whole levelling system was insane with the elite bonuses, but its still a title I love for its dungeons and combat.