Looking for one good man (NCAA 13/Xbox)

Right now we are currently at 7. 4 in the SEC and 3 in the Big 10. Most of us have played together for a while, so we are all pretty friendly.

You can take any team not taken, but you will be placed in the Big 10. I will make sure that you get your rivalry games scheduled for recruiting purposes, etc.

Teams taken

SEC: Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Ole Miss
Big 10: 1 created team, Michigan and USC.

If you are interested, please email me: [email protected]

League rules: We advance every 48 hours, sooner if ready. We'll go 72 hours on weeks where two users play.
We are on All American, although we may move to Heisman.

You'll have your 3 user conference games, and 1 user OOC game (drawn randomly).

The only other thing is I update by texting, so you'd have to be comfortable dropping me a cell number so you can get advancement notices.

Again, most of us know each other and have played together for a while. Friendly group, good sportsmanship. So we're looking for the same.

Thanks in advance.

Didn't see in the rules that I couldn't advertise for a league I'm in, if not.........sorry

Hey – I don't think this is against the rules.

However, even though I'm a gung-ho player, I think most of us around here are having troubles meeting our 5-day deadlines. I'm not sure with my life as it is I could meet the commitment you guys are looking for.

Good luck!